Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to preserve the beauty of the skin around the eyes

Condition of the skin around the eyes can indicate the age, habits, lifestyle and human disease. Therefore, care of this area should begin as early as possible, be thorough and regular.

The skin around the eyes is very thin, there is practically no fat, in addition, it is constantly exposed to additional stress in the form of facial movements. From the start the first 20-25 years of visible skin changes, it becomes dry, and the first wrinkles appear to 35-40 years have noticeable wrinkles as collagen breaks down, there is pigmentation, the age of 50 are formed deep wrinkles, restore skin becomes more difficult.

Therefore, even with 20 years should pay particular attention to the care of this area. But it is not necessary at this age to grasp at a strong anti-wrinkle creams, at this age simply moistening. Commonly used light gels that help to cope with the negative impact of the environment, stress, poor lifestyle choices. After 30 years of anti-aging creams should be used, and smoothing facial wrinkles, moisturizing and nourishing the skin around the eyes. Funds with a high content of vitamin C will help to strengthen blood vessels. Cosmetics should be at this age contain components that activate collagen and normalize the content of glycans. By the age of 50 need to go to makeup for mature skin. This is a potent means to help reduce puffiness under the eyes, dark circles and nourish, restore and tighten the skin.

In addition to special cosmetics, be sure to properly care for the skin around the eyes. These procedures include cleansing, toning, nutrition and hydration. The first stage - Makeup removal: is it better not to use soap, and a special lotion or milk. Skin should be handled carefully, do not stretch, do not rub, to remove make-up lightly. For toning use a light gel or toner, you can use tea bags. To keep the skin around the eyes, it is necessary to nourish and moisturize. To do this, use special creams or gels for the eyelids, which are applied with your fingertips and are driven into the skin Tapping movements. But do not apply too thick a layer of cream - it can cause swelling of the skin.

Of course, creams and other cosmetics will not help to completely avoid the appearance of wrinkles, but they will help keep the youth, especially if you do not forget about regular maintenance.

How to get rid of hanging belly

Saggy stomach - not only an aesthetic problem, but also moral. Because of her women indulge in a campaign, such as swimming pool, changing clothes on a freer, etc. However, from this skin-fat folds, you can quickly get rid of, it suffices to know the cause of and some effort.

Stomach can otvisnut because a sedentary lifestyle. And fat women accumulate it around your waist and hips, so decreed by nature. The abdomen may appear with incorrect posture, both women and men. Also, saggy stomach may occur after birth. In pregnancy, the skin is stretched several times, giving a place to grow a baby. And the last reason may be the disease of the gastrointestinal tract or the endocrine changes in the body.

To get rid of hanging belly, you should use a comprehensive approach.

Give in order the food. Eat more fruits and vegetables, fish, bread krupnozernovogo. Reduce consumption of sweets, eat cakes instead of figs, sweet fruit, drink freshly squeezed juices. This will not only reduce weight but also regulate the metabolism, will bring toxins, improve health and appearance.

Start your physical activity. If you do not like active sports, just more than you walk. To give body and tone the muscles enough to walk an hour a day, a quick step. You will throw off the weight, strengthen your abdominal muscles, hips and calves. Also good jumping on a trampoline that can be installed even in the apartment. Jumps involve all the muscles of the body, and 5 minutes of jumping replaces 20 minutes running.

To restore the waist and abdomen using the disappearance of special exercises. This may be the case rises or legs from a prone position, bending or torsion ordinary hoop. Above all, do them regularly. Your body starts to produce hormones of joy, which will help the disappearance of fat, smart shape, improve mood and overall tone.

For women who have appeared postnatal stomachs, there are special bandages that allow you to cut the skin faster. Massages are also needed with the use of cosmetic creams and ointments. Help and collagen creams that improve skin elasticity.

How to change the complexion

The girls sometimes want to change in their appearance, there is a desire to change the style and appear before others in a new light. It is not necessary to change radically, often enough to change in yourself that is always on the mind, such a person. You can make it white, like Marilyn Monroe or somewhat dark little like Jennifer Lopez.

If you wipe your face daily with a cotton swab dipped in a strong tea, then your skin will become progressively easier golden hue. If you want, on the contrary, whitened face, then this is good for cucumber juice. Take cucumber and grate it on the very fine grater. After that, mix the resulting mush with any skin nourishing cream, and you have a great whitening mask. Also, you can mix cucumber juice with vodka in the proportion of one to one. Let the mixture infuse for 24 hours, and you will be whitening lotion.

If you do not trust people's methods, or want to get more serious and lasting effect, start to visit a solarium. This will be the most effective method for darker skin. Also, almost every salon service is a whitening face. The procedure takes place in two stages: grinding (removal of the upper cornified layer) and the application of depigmenting funds. To save a little face snow-white during the summer to use cosmetics with a high degree of protection from ultraviolet light and wear hats to keep the face in shadow.

You can use ready-made cosmetics, namely, masks, creams and scrubs that are designed specifically for bleaching. However, before buying this makeup of the read. One of the components may be hydroquinone, arbutin, zinc, hydrogen peroxide, licorice extract, or aloezin.

Make your face as a swarthy help avtobronzanty containing special agent DHA. Before using any cosmetic product, make sure that you do not have an allergy to all its member, the components. Also, buy cosmetics and creams only proven shops.

How to care for a tattoo

Proper care of a tattoo promotes rapid healing of the skin and helps keep the picture in its original form. After a tattoo on you lies the most important function - securing the result. The correctness of care depends on how well your decorating will look into the future.

Bandage, which applies after the completion of a master, can not be removed about 4-12 hours, depending on the complexity and nature of the drawing. The first few days the skin around the tattoo to be red, sometimes it can be allocated ichor.

Remove the bandage after a specified time master. Clean hands, wash your skin with the drug "Miramistin" or warm water and soap. Dry the picture, not wiping, and a little promakivaya his towel. The fresh tattoo in any case do not apply the alcohol solution, as they may disrupt the recovery process of the skin. Apply a thin layer of ointment, which you advised the master (usually a "d-Panthenol," or "Bepaten"). Try to avoid getting dirt in the wound.

During the healing process in any case not flay The resulting plenochkoy the skin and do not scrub the tattoo. Before the healing can not take a sun bath. Avoid saunas and swimming pool. Remember that image quickly fades from direct sunlight. If you sunbathe with your new tattoo, you will notice that it immediately fade in a few colors.

Wear loose clothing, the opportunity to not wear articles of silk and synthetics. So you can avoid allergies and irritations. Do not expose yourself in heavy physical loads and do not go to sports training for 3 days, try not to drink alcohol.

The first few days, place the tattoo will look swollen, but the redness will subside gradually. Within 10 days after the application of tattoos you will once again be able to start enjoying all the scrubs, creams and peelings.

Repeated visits to the tattoo artist can do is about a week. If after a few years you will lose one's attraction selected picture, then you can correct it at any time. Just go to the master, who over the old tattoo will be able to chop a new, more colorful and the actual image.

How to learn to please men

Like men - a kind of science. All women are by nature different, and each has its own personality. For any man needs an individual approach, but there are general principles of how to be attractive to the stronger sex.

To learn how to please men, need to work on them in four areas: appearance, psycho communication, common development and demeanor.

On the external data easier. If you are interested in men older than 23 years, not necessarily trying to compete with the patients in the harmony department, which is being treated for anorexia. From the perspective of men over this age, the best weight is the growth of minus one hundred or one hundred and five. Even without such extreme loops on diets and healthy lifestyles, too. It just scares off many of the stronger sex. Although if you have problems with weight, that is, it is more the norm for ten percent or more - you need to solve this problem and forget about it. The figure for many suitors important person, so do not worry about it less. Good food is not worth it to deprive yourself of male attention.

Psycho communication is necessary to develop a course where you will work with the group. Then you will notice and point of weakness - and this is a large and substantial practice. Individual work with a psychologist this effect will not, so look for a decent group sessions. Best of all courses, which declared education to self-confidence. A good psychologist and a leading group always pay attention on what is a problem in your case. Do not be afraid to attract attention and ask questions.

The general development related to a greater extent with the intellectual sphere. Each day, learn something new, not to stop development. Be prepared to support virtually any topic, there are special books for women about men's hobbies, such as football, hunting and chess. Read on and shakes his mustache, is useful.

The sexy style of communication - a relaxed, but with a sense of its latent power. This is plastic, and the ability to present yourself nicely. Plasticity develops in teaching dance classes and even on normal aerobics. You also need to learn to feel comfortable in any environment, creating a pleasant atmosphere around the man. This notice - and you'll get more attention.

How to straighten short hair

The texture, thickness and color of hair, as a rule, laid down another level of genetics. And if you have curly hair at birth, then later they are very difficult to straighten. And with a short length of hair to do it even more difficult. Often the owner's dream curls make your hair straight. And fortunately, there are ways.

In order to translate your dreams into reality, you will need a round brush, hair dryer, the composition of the chemical oxidant, tongs, hair straighteners, hair conditioner and neutralizer.

It should be noted that this method termovypryamleniya make your hair straight for a short time. Use a hair dryer or tongs-rectifiers.

If your hair has a soft texture and big hair, take a large round brush and a hot dryer. Wet hair, and then divide them into strands. With the brush carefully comb them with a jet of hot air drag the strands in the direction from roots to ends.

If curls are small, and the hair tight, then in that case take the tongs, straighteners. The hair, apply a special tool for straightening and leave them to dry completely. Then fasten the hair at the nape. Out with forceps, and then a single strand from the roots straighten it, sliding down towards the ends. Do the same with the remaining hair.

This was the method termovypryamleniya. If we talk about the procedure with the use of chemicals, in this case, short hair for a long time remain straight, curl will not be long until they grow back to its full length.

The most common three chemical hair straightener, namely sodium hydroxide, which has a fairly aggressive alkaline hydroxide, guanidine with a less aggressive nature, and ammonium thioglycolate - the most expensive and at the same time, the softest rectifier.

Sodium hydroxide is perfect for coarse hair, which as a result of its use will be made straight, and lush. For normal hair texture is best to use guanidine hydroxide. But it has one drawback - despite the fact that the rectifier is not alkaline, it is quite dry hair. Finally, ammonium thioglycolate, which is the best tool for weak hair.

Rectification procedure itself should take place in three stages. In the first phase treat your hair with a composition of selected chemical oxidant. The second stage - sustain the effect of catalyst. And the third - direct air conditioning.

Remember that short hair straightening after the procedure may be subject to breakage. In this regard, entertain them with oils and masks.

How to get rid of split ends of hair

Frequent staining, low-quality shampoo, no hat in the winter, use a hair dryer and ironing, perming - all this could be the reason that the hair begins to weaken and split. Something must be done. You can ask for help to the hairdresser and make the lamination. This will help get rid of the problem, but I still need to treat your hair.

Choose the right shampoo. This can be a means to brittle and split ends, damaged and stained, thin and weak. Remember that is not always indicated on the packing correspond to reality, so for the treatment and strengthen the hair is better to buy in the drugstore.

Change the brush. Teeth in it should be soft and flexible. The greater the distance between the teeth, the less likely that you will damage your hair. Do not brush wet hair - so they are injured and become brittle.

Wash your head no more than twice a week. No matter how good was your shampoo, washing - is an injury to the hair. If you've washed your head every day, you should not just break the routine - do it gradually, increasing spaces, first time in two days, and then - once in three days. After washing, make sure to mask or use a hair balms, conditioners and lotions. The pharmacy you can buy special equipment to protect the hair, which will help get rid of split ends. Do not go outside with wet head. Hair should be dry at room temperature.

Split ends of hair must sostrigite. Only after this procedure, the hair will start progressively healthier. If they begin to split again, be sure to analyze what could be the cause. Haircut "hot scissors" - not a panacea, but merely a method to temporarily get rid of the problem.

Take the mask from the heated oil. Suitable for hair coconut, almond, olive or quality burdock. The latter is sold only in pharmacies and is excellent for healing the hair.

Cope with the split ends and helps honey-egg mask (Mix egg yolk with a teaspoon of honey, add a tablespoon of warm boiled water, mix thoroughly and apply on hair for 10-15 minutes).