Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to choose the right tool for hair care

Shampoo is the main component of hair care products.

Today is a very popular hair products "2-in-1". A positive feature is the presence of air conditioners, through which the hair easier to comb and get shine and become more smooth. The downside can be considered that such shampoos (universal) simply can not be qualitative because of the opposite of the air conditioner and shampoo. Therefore, the simultaneous use of them does not provide disclosure of merit.

It should be noted that in the professional lines NEVER SUCH DRUGS TWIN!

How does it recognize your shampoo?

1. After its application the hair is rinsed well.
2. After drying, the hair on them appear shiny.
3. Hair does not go awry, and quite docile.
4. On the scalp there is no dryness, irritation and other discomfort.

But care is not limited to the use of shampoo, you must also use hair conditioner. It is ideally increases the amount of hair, restores the water and fat balance. The use of air conditioners will remove the static stress, will facilitate the process of combing.

We treat baldness

First in the diet should include lots of fruits and vegetables. In the second head should be washed as follows: take a loaf of black bread, cut it into pieces. One part in a bowl pour boiling water (bread crumble). There's porridge is formed when it cools down, warm it imposes on its head. And on top should put a plastic bag and wrap a towel is desirable. When everything has cooled down, take a comb and comb out the bread. And wash your head in the water, where the cooked nettles. For this nettle broth is placed in a pan, and cook 10 minutes. You can close and let it brew for a bit. My head without soap and shampoo.

The result should appear in a month.

Stress causes hair to turn gray, and the body-age

Graying of the hair, the most obvious sign of aging, may be a response to DNA damage as a result of stress. Something that can stop the stress, may prevent premature hair graying.

Studies Emi Nishimura of Tokyo Medical and Dental University (Tokyo Medical and Dental University) showed that "genotoxic stress", which damages the DNA, reducing the number of melanocyte stem cells (MSCs) in the hair follicles, which are responsible for creating the pigment-producing cells. Instead of dying, these precious stem cells differentiate, forming fully mature directly melanocytes.

It is believed that every cell in mammals can encounter in by day with approximately 100,000 events that destroy the DNA.

Consequently, cells have ways to repair damaged DNA and prevent the destruction were transferred to daughter cells.

Once the stem cells are damaged irreversibly damaged by the stem cells must be eliminated to maintain the quality of the stem cell pool. The researchers found that excessive toxicity genes increase the differentiation of stem cells triggers melanocyte. Perhaps the differentiation might be a more complicated way to get rid of these cells than stimulating their death.

Nishimura group earlier traced the loss of hair color to the gradual extinction of stem cells that maintain a continuous supply of new melanocytes, giving their hair a normal color. Those specialized stem cells not only lost, they have also become completely transferred to the pigment cells and in other places.

It is also found that the "temporary gene" known as ATM (ataxia-telangiectasia, mutated), is the so-called stem checkpoint, which prevents the differentiation of stem cells. That's why people with ataxia telangiectasia (Louis-Bar syndrome), caused by a mutation in the gene ATM, go gray prematurely.

The discovery shows that the instability of the genome - a significant factor in aging. Long-lasting damage to DNA of stem cells could be the main cause of age-related symptoms.

In addition to associated with aging, stem cell depletion, typical to that seen in melanocyte stem cells, changes were observed in blood stem cells, cardiac muscle, and skeletal muscle. Stress on stem pools were also responsible for reducing the ability of tissue regeneration and accelerated signs of aging.

Good news for blondes

Surely people versed in the perfume, the name will be familiar to Chinese flowers - Osmanthus. Flowers and stems of this plant are part of the components for the production of rare and expensive perfume. Osmanthus oil is very expensive, so its purpose in the perfume is very limited. Osmanthus is also actively used as a spice for sweet dishes and add it to tea for a delightful floral and sweet fragrance.

At present, Taiwanese scientists, cosmetologists have attended to the problem of safely lighten hair. Thanks to their development, it became known that it is so natural and safe means of clarification, can be an extract from Chinese herb Osmanthus. It was found that the extract has the ability to interfere with osmanthus effects of the enzyme tyrosine, which participates in the synthesis of melanin, and thus help prevent the appearance of a dark color.

Extract, osmanthus inherent antioxidant properties and can, allegedly scientists, developers, to be part of whitening face and hair. The Taiwanese developers do not exclude the possibility of using the properties for the treatment of melanoma osmanthus.

The old ways of hair care products

Wash hair with sour milk.

Old folk remedy for hair washing is sour milk. Since ancient times many peoples of Central Asia used for this purpose milk products. Now wash your head yogurt, kefir, whey. Dairy products provide lipid film that protects hair from damage caused by an alkaline solution formed by dissolving soap in the water. How can wash my hair yogurt? Drench her head scarf to cover with plastic, and on top - with a towel. After 25-30 minutes rinse the foam superfatted soap such as "Baby", "lanolin", "Russian Forest", rinse thoroughly with warm water, and then - with acidified (1 lemon to 2 liters of water, 1 tablespoon of vinegar to 2 liters of water).

Wash the egg dry hair.

 If your hair is dry and brittle, they are very helpful to wash the egg, since it contains lecithin and almost all amino acids, which protect hair from damage and help to eliminate dandruff. Typically used all the egg. Yolk and white well beaten in a small amount of warm water. Pour the egg foam on wet hair and pre-wash without soap. Then the hair rinse thoroughly with clean warm water, and after - acidified. Very useful in this case, rinse hair with herbs, which give the hair an amazing shine.

Wash dry and normal hair with egg yolk.

Take 25 grams of baby soap, delicately nastrogat it, dissolve in 100 g of boiling water. A mixture of strain through cheesecloth and cool. The resulting jelly before use to dissolve in warm water, beat until fluffy foam and add the yolk. Before washing is recommended to rub castor or olive oil.

Wash oily hair egg.

Take 100 g of baby soap, and pour it nastrogat 100 g of boiling water. Strain, add 25 g of alcohol or cologne. Before washing, whip the egg (and protein, and yolk), rubbed into the scalp. Head wrap soaked in warm water with a towel, hold it for five minutes. Wash your hair with a mixture of soap obtained.

Wash excessively oily hair egg.

Beat egg, add 1 teaspoon of vodka and a few drops of lemon juice. The mixture is rubbed into the scalp, rinse with warm, then cool water.

Shampoo broth mylnyanki drug.

Two packages mylnyanki (200 g) pouring two liters of water and boil for half an hour. In this decoction to wash my hair without shampoo and soap, rinse with plain water, or better yet - chamomile extract, if the hair is blond, and a decoction of oak bark - if the dark.

Wash oily hair rye bread.

150 g of rye bread, pour the boiling water. Gruel "soap" head, hold 5 - 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water. To give hair a beautiful shine to rinse extract of birch leaves.

Wash oily hair with mustard.

One tablespoon of mustard diluted in 2 liters of warm water. Wash your hair, rinse the best infusion of herbs: coltsfoot, nettle, St. John's wort, plantain. Take 4 tablespoons of the mixture, pour 2 liters of boiling water, let stand 30 minutes, drain.

Wash hair with nettles.

100 g fresh or dried nettle pour 1 liter of water, add 0.5 liter of vinegar, boil the mixture over low heat for 30 minutes. Drain. On a basin of water add 2-3 cups of broth. Wash your hair (with soap and water can not be used). It is better to wash my hair before going to bed, and then dry it with a towel, tie a scarf.

Wash hair tansy.

One tablespoon of tansy, pour 2 cups boiling water, leave for 2 hours. Filtered stagnation without soap to wash your hair for a month s. This tool is used to eliminate dandruff.

Ways to improve hair growth

If the condition of your hair wants to be better, then it is desirable to check the health of the specialists (endocrinologist, internist, gynecologist and psychologist). On the condition of the hair affect diet and lifestyle. Hair may fall out due to illness with a temperature of: flu, sore throat, pneumonia, diseases of the teeth, throat, liver, gall bladder medication. Hair is important to have magnesium, which is contained in beans, peas, black bread, nuts, buckwheat, oats, carrots and vitamins A, B and E.

It is useful to eat beef, milk, sprouted wheat, fish, mushrooms, salad, cabbage, cucumbers, mulberries, uncooked eggs (two per week).

Within a month, rubbed into the hair roots through a mixture of day: a tincture of calendula flowers and horsetail on vodka 1:10, 3 weeks later to repeat.

Take the juice of one onion, 100 g of aloe juice, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, castor oil, all mixed and rubbed into the hair roots for a month or two a day a week.

100 g of crushed roots and leaves of burdock boiled in 250 ml of crumbled butter, brew and lubricate the hair for 1 hour before shampooing.

1 week to lubricate the hair on the night of garlic juice, and the 2nd week of the juice of onions. Garlic juice stimulates hair growth and strengthens the roots of onion juice.

Daily for 10 minutes, bending his head down for a better rush of blood to rub the scalp with a towel. The course of 1 month.

When hair loss mix juice mug of vodka (100 ml to 0.5 liters) and take 1 tbsp 3 times daily before meals.

100 g of nettle vinegar add 0.5 liters and 0.5 liters of water, boil and rinse your head.

Rub the mixture of vegetable oil with the juice of garlic 1-1. Rub the mixture into the hair roots of castor oil with vodka 2-1 2 times a week.

The appearance of gray hair

The cause of the early gray hairs may be deficiency in tyrosine. It is found in beans, nuts, avocados, bananas, dairy products (especially goat's milk), pumpkin and sesame seeds. In the early gray hair should have a lot of apples and drink apple juice. In addition to the menu should include nuts, liver and parsley. It is useful to eat boiled rice with the addition of sesame seeds (2-1). Eat green beans, it contains a lot of the cobalt, which contributes to the darkening of the hair.

Gray hair can be normal or tint, using a commercially available basma and henna. After staining henna hair colors are obtained from golden to reddish, and if you add coffee (4 tablespoons in a glass of boiling water), then get a reddish-brown color, while if chamomile (0.5 teaspoons to 1 cup boiling water), a bright golden.

After a hair coloring only decoction of chamomile color will be golden, but after staining with onion peel - reddish. Decoction of tea (3 tablespoons to 1 cup boiling water) gives a brown color, berries, blackberries - a reddish-brown, green rind decoction or tincture of walnuts on alcohol - chestnut. If you insist on vodka roots and leaves of rhubarb they will brown tint, and a decoction of leaves and twigs of lime - brown.

5 pods of red hot pepper to insist in 0.5 liters of vodka 3 weeks in a dark place and rub 2 times a week.

Noodle and your hair

If you have a mug in the area grows, it is not worth it to dig and throw. Because of burdock can produce a variety of drugs that will help you to strengthen your hair. Many have heard of burdock oil, as well as make it the most and what it is to know not everyone.

For the independent production of burdock oil you need 80 grams of fresh crushed roots of burdock insist on 200 grams of olive or sunflower oil. To insist in a warm place for twenty-four hours after the infusion of boiled over a low heat for 20 minutes, and when the broth has cooled, squeeze it.

The resulting oil extract should be rubbed into the hair roots and lubricate the skin surface. This operation must be done two hours before shampooing.

After a few treatments with the use of burdock oil, you see how your hair will become soft and silky, and at the same time, improve blood circulation and metabolism of the skin that promotes nutrition, respectively, of the hair roots, and thus strengthen them.

Head massage will speed up hair growth

Massage the scalp is useful for the hair. It enhances the flow of nutrients to the scalp, which beneficially affect the skin and hair. But remember, a massage is contra-indications.

First of all, massage is not recommended if a person is sick in any serious illness. Fungus or pustular lesions of the scalp massage is also put on the cross. And all because you can once again spread the infection. If a strong pattern baldness of it too, better forget it.

However, to prevent hair loss massage thing then. The therapeutic effect of massage is that it is stimulated by blood circulation to the scalp. As a result, it increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to accelerate the growth of hair and making them stronger. Since massage is also working on the sebaceous glands, special attention must turn to him, those who suffer from dry scalp and dry dandruff. To a lesser extent, it will be useful, if the hair is greasy. And all because massage stimulates blood circulation, not only, but also the activity of sebaceous glands.

Since during the massage the hair is dirty, it is recommended to massage before washing. If you have dry skin, you can ignore this rule, because the massage helps to assimilate after washing the substances that you use when washing - masks and balsams.

It is important not to start a massage with sudden movements. First, you need to warm up a little head, as if stroking it. Then the pressure can be slightly strengthened. After the massage, the average duration of which may be 10 minutes, then switch back to the smooth movements, stroking her hair and head.