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How to preserve the beauty of the skin around the eyes

Condition of the skin around the eyes can indicate the age, habits, lifestyle and human disease. Therefore, care of this area should begin as early as possible, be thorough and regular.

The skin around the eyes is very thin, there is practically no fat, in addition, it is constantly exposed to additional stress in the form of facial movements. From the start the first 20-25 years of visible skin changes, it becomes dry, and the first wrinkles appear to 35-40 years have noticeable wrinkles as collagen breaks down, there is pigmentation, the age of 50 are formed deep wrinkles, restore skin becomes more difficult.

Therefore, even with 20 years should pay particular attention to the care of this area. But it is not necessary at this age to grasp at a strong anti-wrinkle creams, at this age simply moistening. Commonly used light gels that help to cope with the negative impact of the environment, stress, poor lifestyle choices. After 30 years of anti-aging creams should be used, and smoothing facial wrinkles, moisturizing and nourishing the skin around the eyes. Funds with a high content of vitamin C will help to strengthen blood vessels. Cosmetics should be at this age contain components that activate collagen and normalize the content of glycans. By the age of 50 need to go to makeup for mature skin. This is a potent means to help reduce puffiness under the eyes, dark circles and nourish, restore and tighten the skin.

In addition to special cosmetics, be sure to properly care for the skin around the eyes. These procedures include cleansing, toning, nutrition and hydration. The first stage - Makeup removal: is it better not to use soap, and a special lotion or milk. Skin should be handled carefully, do not stretch, do not rub, to remove make-up lightly. For toning use a light gel or toner, you can use tea bags. To keep the skin around the eyes, it is necessary to nourish and moisturize. To do this, use special creams or gels for the eyelids, which are applied with your fingertips and are driven into the skin Tapping movements. But do not apply too thick a layer of cream - it can cause swelling of the skin.

Of course, creams and other cosmetics will not help to completely avoid the appearance of wrinkles, but they will help keep the youth, especially if you do not forget about regular maintenance.

How to get rid of hanging belly

Saggy stomach - not only an aesthetic problem, but also moral. Because of her women indulge in a campaign, such as swimming pool, changing clothes on a freer, etc. However, from this skin-fat folds, you can quickly get rid of, it suffices to know the cause of and some effort.

Stomach can otvisnut because a sedentary lifestyle. And fat women accumulate it around your waist and hips, so decreed by nature. The abdomen may appear with incorrect posture, both women and men. Also, saggy stomach may occur after birth. In pregnancy, the skin is stretched several times, giving a place to grow a baby. And the last reason may be the disease of the gastrointestinal tract or the endocrine changes in the body.

To get rid of hanging belly, you should use a comprehensive approach.

Give in order the food. Eat more fruits and vegetables, fish, bread krupnozernovogo. Reduce consumption of sweets, eat cakes instead of figs, sweet fruit, drink freshly squeezed juices. This will not only reduce weight but also regulate the metabolism, will bring toxins, improve health and appearance.

Start your physical activity. If you do not like active sports, just more than you walk. To give body and tone the muscles enough to walk an hour a day, a quick step. You will throw off the weight, strengthen your abdominal muscles, hips and calves. Also good jumping on a trampoline that can be installed even in the apartment. Jumps involve all the muscles of the body, and 5 minutes of jumping replaces 20 minutes running.

To restore the waist and abdomen using the disappearance of special exercises. This may be the case rises or legs from a prone position, bending or torsion ordinary hoop. Above all, do them regularly. Your body starts to produce hormones of joy, which will help the disappearance of fat, smart shape, improve mood and overall tone.

For women who have appeared postnatal stomachs, there are special bandages that allow you to cut the skin faster. Massages are also needed with the use of cosmetic creams and ointments. Help and collagen creams that improve skin elasticity.

How to change the complexion

The girls sometimes want to change in their appearance, there is a desire to change the style and appear before others in a new light. It is not necessary to change radically, often enough to change in yourself that is always on the mind, such a person. You can make it white, like Marilyn Monroe or somewhat dark little like Jennifer Lopez.

If you wipe your face daily with a cotton swab dipped in a strong tea, then your skin will become progressively easier golden hue. If you want, on the contrary, whitened face, then this is good for cucumber juice. Take cucumber and grate it on the very fine grater. After that, mix the resulting mush with any skin nourishing cream, and you have a great whitening mask. Also, you can mix cucumber juice with vodka in the proportion of one to one. Let the mixture infuse for 24 hours, and you will be whitening lotion.

If you do not trust people's methods, or want to get more serious and lasting effect, start to visit a solarium. This will be the most effective method for darker skin. Also, almost every salon service is a whitening face. The procedure takes place in two stages: grinding (removal of the upper cornified layer) and the application of depigmenting funds. To save a little face snow-white during the summer to use cosmetics with a high degree of protection from ultraviolet light and wear hats to keep the face in shadow.

You can use ready-made cosmetics, namely, masks, creams and scrubs that are designed specifically for bleaching. However, before buying this makeup of the read. One of the components may be hydroquinone, arbutin, zinc, hydrogen peroxide, licorice extract, or aloezin.

Make your face as a swarthy help avtobronzanty containing special agent DHA. Before using any cosmetic product, make sure that you do not have an allergy to all its member, the components. Also, buy cosmetics and creams only proven shops.

How to care for a tattoo

Proper care of a tattoo promotes rapid healing of the skin and helps keep the picture in its original form. After a tattoo on you lies the most important function - securing the result. The correctness of care depends on how well your decorating will look into the future.

Bandage, which applies after the completion of a master, can not be removed about 4-12 hours, depending on the complexity and nature of the drawing. The first few days the skin around the tattoo to be red, sometimes it can be allocated ichor.

Remove the bandage after a specified time master. Clean hands, wash your skin with the drug "Miramistin" or warm water and soap. Dry the picture, not wiping, and a little promakivaya his towel. The fresh tattoo in any case do not apply the alcohol solution, as they may disrupt the recovery process of the skin. Apply a thin layer of ointment, which you advised the master (usually a "d-Panthenol," or "Bepaten"). Try to avoid getting dirt in the wound.

During the healing process in any case not flay The resulting plenochkoy the skin and do not scrub the tattoo. Before the healing can not take a sun bath. Avoid saunas and swimming pool. Remember that image quickly fades from direct sunlight. If you sunbathe with your new tattoo, you will notice that it immediately fade in a few colors.

Wear loose clothing, the opportunity to not wear articles of silk and synthetics. So you can avoid allergies and irritations. Do not expose yourself in heavy physical loads and do not go to sports training for 3 days, try not to drink alcohol.

The first few days, place the tattoo will look swollen, but the redness will subside gradually. Within 10 days after the application of tattoos you will once again be able to start enjoying all the scrubs, creams and peelings.

Repeated visits to the tattoo artist can do is about a week. If after a few years you will lose one's attraction selected picture, then you can correct it at any time. Just go to the master, who over the old tattoo will be able to chop a new, more colorful and the actual image.

How to learn to please men

Like men - a kind of science. All women are by nature different, and each has its own personality. For any man needs an individual approach, but there are general principles of how to be attractive to the stronger sex.

To learn how to please men, need to work on them in four areas: appearance, psycho communication, common development and demeanor.

On the external data easier. If you are interested in men older than 23 years, not necessarily trying to compete with the patients in the harmony department, which is being treated for anorexia. From the perspective of men over this age, the best weight is the growth of minus one hundred or one hundred and five. Even without such extreme loops on diets and healthy lifestyles, too. It just scares off many of the stronger sex. Although if you have problems with weight, that is, it is more the norm for ten percent or more - you need to solve this problem and forget about it. The figure for many suitors important person, so do not worry about it less. Good food is not worth it to deprive yourself of male attention.

Psycho communication is necessary to develop a course where you will work with the group. Then you will notice and point of weakness - and this is a large and substantial practice. Individual work with a psychologist this effect will not, so look for a decent group sessions. Best of all courses, which declared education to self-confidence. A good psychologist and a leading group always pay attention on what is a problem in your case. Do not be afraid to attract attention and ask questions.

The general development related to a greater extent with the intellectual sphere. Each day, learn something new, not to stop development. Be prepared to support virtually any topic, there are special books for women about men's hobbies, such as football, hunting and chess. Read on and shakes his mustache, is useful.

The sexy style of communication - a relaxed, but with a sense of its latent power. This is plastic, and the ability to present yourself nicely. Plasticity develops in teaching dance classes and even on normal aerobics. You also need to learn to feel comfortable in any environment, creating a pleasant atmosphere around the man. This notice - and you'll get more attention.

How to straighten short hair

The texture, thickness and color of hair, as a rule, laid down another level of genetics. And if you have curly hair at birth, then later they are very difficult to straighten. And with a short length of hair to do it even more difficult. Often the owner's dream curls make your hair straight. And fortunately, there are ways.

In order to translate your dreams into reality, you will need a round brush, hair dryer, the composition of the chemical oxidant, tongs, hair straighteners, hair conditioner and neutralizer.

It should be noted that this method termovypryamleniya make your hair straight for a short time. Use a hair dryer or tongs-rectifiers.

If your hair has a soft texture and big hair, take a large round brush and a hot dryer. Wet hair, and then divide them into strands. With the brush carefully comb them with a jet of hot air drag the strands in the direction from roots to ends.

If curls are small, and the hair tight, then in that case take the tongs, straighteners. The hair, apply a special tool for straightening and leave them to dry completely. Then fasten the hair at the nape. Out with forceps, and then a single strand from the roots straighten it, sliding down towards the ends. Do the same with the remaining hair.

This was the method termovypryamleniya. If we talk about the procedure with the use of chemicals, in this case, short hair for a long time remain straight, curl will not be long until they grow back to its full length.

The most common three chemical hair straightener, namely sodium hydroxide, which has a fairly aggressive alkaline hydroxide, guanidine with a less aggressive nature, and ammonium thioglycolate - the most expensive and at the same time, the softest rectifier.

Sodium hydroxide is perfect for coarse hair, which as a result of its use will be made straight, and lush. For normal hair texture is best to use guanidine hydroxide. But it has one drawback - despite the fact that the rectifier is not alkaline, it is quite dry hair. Finally, ammonium thioglycolate, which is the best tool for weak hair.

Rectification procedure itself should take place in three stages. In the first phase treat your hair with a composition of selected chemical oxidant. The second stage - sustain the effect of catalyst. And the third - direct air conditioning.

Remember that short hair straightening after the procedure may be subject to breakage. In this regard, entertain them with oils and masks.

How to get rid of split ends of hair

Frequent staining, low-quality shampoo, no hat in the winter, use a hair dryer and ironing, perming - all this could be the reason that the hair begins to weaken and split. Something must be done. You can ask for help to the hairdresser and make the lamination. This will help get rid of the problem, but I still need to treat your hair.

Choose the right shampoo. This can be a means to brittle and split ends, damaged and stained, thin and weak. Remember that is not always indicated on the packing correspond to reality, so for the treatment and strengthen the hair is better to buy in the drugstore.

Change the brush. Teeth in it should be soft and flexible. The greater the distance between the teeth, the less likely that you will damage your hair. Do not brush wet hair - so they are injured and become brittle.

Wash your head no more than twice a week. No matter how good was your shampoo, washing - is an injury to the hair. If you've washed your head every day, you should not just break the routine - do it gradually, increasing spaces, first time in two days, and then - once in three days. After washing, make sure to mask or use a hair balms, conditioners and lotions. The pharmacy you can buy special equipment to protect the hair, which will help get rid of split ends. Do not go outside with wet head. Hair should be dry at room temperature.

Split ends of hair must sostrigite. Only after this procedure, the hair will start progressively healthier. If they begin to split again, be sure to analyze what could be the cause. Haircut "hot scissors" - not a panacea, but merely a method to temporarily get rid of the problem.

Take the mask from the heated oil. Suitable for hair coconut, almond, olive or quality burdock. The latter is sold only in pharmacies and is excellent for healing the hair.

Cope with the split ends and helps honey-egg mask (Mix egg yolk with a teaspoon of honey, add a tablespoon of warm boiled water, mix thoroughly and apply on hair for 10-15 minutes).

How to remove stretch marks after pregnancy

For the treatment of stretch marks on the chest should begin no earlier than one month after completion of breast-feeding. During lactation, such procedures are extremely undesirable. Striae on the abdomen can be treated bezinektsionnymi methods within 2 months after birth. To deal with stretch marks difficult, but possible. The sooner you start, the better the result.

Do massage. Twice a day, morning and evening, and within fifteen minutes of massage problem areas with his hands, causing pre razogrevayuschiee oil or cream on a natural basis. Massage should begin after a warm shower. About twenty procedures sufficient to stretch marks become less noticeable. But all through the massage to remove them fails. Buy a special pharmacy jars for vacuum massage. The instructions detail how to use them. Banks are more effective than manual massage.

Honey and seaweed wraps. They are able to improve the condition of the skin, moisturize it, make it more flexible and reduce weight. You will need a food film, honey, and seaweed (can be purchased at a drugstore or cosmetics shop). Take 50-100 g of honey, heat it on a steam bath. Take a shower. After that, wipe the body dry and spread the honey on the problem areas. Wrap with cling film and go for 30-40 minutes under a blanket. Then carefully remove the tape and take a shower. Wrapping should be done every night. For such a procedure, but using algae, dissolve them in a little water until smooth. You can drop a few drops of olive oil.

Microdermabrasion. This cosmetic procedure contributes to the fact that stretch marks gradually become thinner and smaller and eventually disappear completely. The method allowed women during lactation. The procedure is a skin resurfacing, in which the particles of the upper layer of the skin are removed, so that is enhanced regeneration and renewal of the skin. Perform grinding to every seven or ten days. Do not use alcohol-based lotions and sun exposure for several weeks after the procedure.

Mesotherapy - one of the most expensive, but very effective cosmetic techniques. It is a subcutaneous injection on the problem areas. The active ingredient may be different, will help in choosing a specialist. Especially popular are the placental injection drugs. They are considered the most effective because it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. The number of treatments depends on the size and depth of stretch marks.

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How to choose a hair style of the type

Choosing the right hairstyle emphasizes dignity, hiding flaws, rejuvenates and adds appeal. Choosing a hairstyle that suits you best, first of all, note the type of your face.

Choosing a haircut square face, remember its characteristic features: a broad forehead, square chin, heavy bottom. Such a person must be mitigated, in other words, stop your choice on top volume hairstyle, with long strands in the front, asymmetrical parting, and the hair should be short or medium length.

Choosing a hairstyle for round faces, note that its characteristic feature is the equality of length and width of the face. Consequently, the visual extension, avoid hairstyles that increase the width of the face. Very often, the girls believe that this task can only be a short cut, but it is not. Hair length is not important here, as long as their volume was directed upward, not outward. In addition, long hair visually lengthen the face, provided that they are not smooth, and of varying lengths.

The choice of hairstyles for oval face is considered to be a simple affair. In itself, such a person - a recognized ideal, so it will suit any hairstyle.

Choose a hairstyle for an elongated face is also not difficult. Its distinctive features - a high forehead and long chin. When choosing a hair style to make a balance. This will help curls, bangs, the volume on the sides. Avoid long straight hair, as they are more elongated face. Also refrain from short haircuts with volume mounted.

Distinctive features of the diamond-shaped faces are wide cheekbones, narrow forehead and jaw line sharp. Opt for hairstyles that enhance the cheekbones and narrow forehead. This task can easily handle large bangs, body waves near the chin, short hair with round shapes.

Heart-shaped or triangular - the friendly face shape. It becomes so because of the wide, roughly on par with the cheekbones, forehead and sharp chin. Owners of this type of person you should not stop your choice on the high raised up hairdos. You must either visually reduce the forehead with bangs, or to add volume in the cheeks and chin with curls or waves.

How to do the right hair styling

In order to properly stow your hair you will not need special skills or tools. It is fairly standard styling products from the store and a simple set of hairdressing: hair dryer, comb, hair curlers, curling irons.

Main types of packings, there are several, and each of them has its own nuances.

The air blow

This packing can be done easily by using a comb and hair dryer. Help lift the roots of the hair dryer and direct the hair in the direction in which you need. To give your hair volume and fluffiness, first dry them upwards and then downwards. Despite its apparent simplicity, it is resistant styling that looks very natural.

Cool styling

Running it with your fingers or with a comb. Apply to the hair and place the locking means of the "cold" means hair any way you like, sprinkle at the end of hairspray.

Styling with rollers

This styling is ideal for women with thin hair that dries quickly and well keep their shape. This hairstyle lasts long and looks spectacular.

Hot styling and curling tongs

This type of installation you can not practice very often - hot tongs / Curling may be harmful to your hair, retain moisture, or even burn them. With the help of forceps (ironing) can be crimped hair done, and with the help of curling - Curly hair. If you stop your choice on this type of installation, be sure to apply on the hair Overload special tools.

Heat wave (perm)

This installation is performed only in the cabin with the help of special agents and professional equipment, which allows the procedure to maintain the desired temperature of heating the hair. There are two types of perms - steam and electric. Not the most sparing procedure.


These types of installation are similar to each other. The difference is that with bouffant hair and fluff on the outside and the inside of the curl, and if they beat tupirovanii only from the inside.

The process of laying

Wash hair with mild shampoo and towel dry it well. Apply to the hair styling products of your choice - foam, mousse, gel. Bend your head down and carefully comb - so you distribute the tool evenly over the entire length of hair.

Divide the hair into strands and separating one by one, begin to wind their hair to the instrument you have. It can be hair-curlers, curling irons, or pad.

If you use rollers, screw the locks of all, and leave them to dry or dry with a hair dryer. Remove the curlers very carefully, in any case, do not comb hair comb, spray with hairspray. The size of the curl will depend on what will be the diameter of your rollers.

If you decide to use curling irons or the - the sequence is the same as the previous version. Separate the clump by clump, and twist the curling on the shape or by ironing. After laying let your hair cool down and sprinkle with varnish. Comb your hair and you can not - you scheshete the beauty.

If you often use tongs or a hot curling irons, make sure to moisturizing or nourishing hair mask.

How to reduce eyes

Almost any problem can be solved with the help of modern cosmetics. Properly done make-up can mitigate disproportionate facial features, make the eyes more or less, the nose - is to adjust the shape of the chin and cheekbones.

The secrets of reincarnation own professional beauticians and makeup artists who have long been "stuffed" hand in this matter. Correction of deficiencies appearance and selection of the most striking advantages - the main task of makeup, and sometimes the careful application of makeup can replace a visit to a plastic surgeon.

Some of the fair sex should not increase (which happens more often), and to reduce the shape of the eyes - this will help some simple rules of makeup. Use darker shades of color cosmetics for the eyes to visually reduce their cut. Dark pencils, eye shadow and eyeliner can create a look of deeper eye planting. So, if you do not want to have your eyes looked larger, do not use light colors.

Focus on inner corners of eyes and nose with the help of cosmetic products, if you want to pull together a little too wide-set eyes. Arrange the accents with dark shadows, gently emphasizing the lines of the lower and upper eyelid, drawing dark lines on the lash line.

Very carefully and gently paint the outline with a pencil or a line of shadows century, close to the nose. Darken the space around the nose or, conversely, lighten part of the century, located close to the temples. This will help to visually narrow the eye. Coloring eyelashes mascara, select the inside of the eye.

Try to make a "cat" makeup - it is also able to reduce the visual eye. To achieve the effect of "cat's eye" put under the shade of blond eyebrows, and on the upper eyelid - the dark (you can with a shimmering effect). Blend the shadows so that they extend beyond the outer corners of eyes, creating the arrow. Eyeliner or dark pencil Doris even more clear direction (if necessary), circle the lash line - it will help further reduce the eye, while maintaining their expression.

How to make a face fatter

If you - the owner of a skinny bony face, and you want to make his features softer and more rounded shape, to achieve the desired effect, you can use different methods.

Examine your diet: Whether you eat enough carbohydrates, protein and fat, not exhaust yourself a strict diet? After the loss of total body weight will be slim and face. It is better to arrange one or two times a week fasting days than bring themselves to prolonged starvation of anorexia.

Try to experiment with hairstyles and makeup. If you have a naturally thin person, make it thicker than visually. For example, try using the method of correction of facial contours or sculpting. This is a fairly new type of make-up, becoming more and more popular. It involves the use of different tones in sequence, through which you can achieve different visual effects.

Use three different shades, which form the basis - according to the tone with a hint of skin, color, contour and color highlights. Principle to make-up is as follows: first, the basic tone is applied to the surface of the face and neck. Then, superimposed reflections on areas requiring attention, so they can visually expand, and finally - the contours.

With the help of rouge make cheekbones broader and bigger - to give complete person. Apply this cosmetic product in the shape of circles to "apples" and the shade of their cheeks and across the surface, drawing a figure eight shape.

The round ball-shaped haircut like "Four of a Kind" help alleviate the acute "angles" of the face, and sleek, and tightened the "ponytail" hair, by contrast, emphasize them.

If you want more radical changes, consider plastic surgery. But do not forget that these operations are not as harmless as they seem at first glance, and can have very dangerous consequences. It is important to choose a clinic with a proven track record and go under the surgeon's scalpel, only after a comprehensive study of the body.

How to cheat on the ironing

Most women believe that the paddles can be used only for straightening hair. This is not so - with the help of this simple tool can make hairdresser chic curls.

To help prepare ironing comb, nail, hair and heat protection means for the hair.

Traditionally, the wave begins with washing the hair, but in this case this is not necessary. Shampoo should not touch the hair for two days and then your hair will be fine to keep a spiral shape. The reason for this oil, which produce oil glands that are located on the scalp - that it not only helps to make careful packing, but also will allow curls to hold out longer.

Apply to the hair Thermal protective aids. Tilt your head down and carefully comb them. Thus you will help a protective agent uniformly distributed over the entire length of the hair. Set the desired temperature heating ironing at 180 degrees. If you have long hair, you will approach a wider styler, and if short - take a more narrow.

Make hair up, divide them into strands of medium thickness, and fasten each strand hairpins. Take a lock of one, a little spray it with hairspray and then comb through and skip the pad - so you will attach the hair homogeneous structure.

Take a tip of the ironing proglazhennuyu lock and take it from your head to a safe distance - do not forget that you have in your hands too close to the person who is a hot item. The longer the hair, the greater should be the distance. Then start slowly winding a strand around the ironing in the direction of the crown. Hold the pad with the sound around a lock of hair for a few seconds and carefully remove it. Allow the curl to cool, spray with hairspray. So in turn screw the remaining strands.

Do not cheat on the pad locks too tight during the winding, it is not necessary to pull them tightly. Methodical way of curling irons for styling reminiscent of hot scissors.

To have your flowing curls look more carefully, we should start waving from the lower ranks on the back of the head, gradually moving to the upper ranks.

At the end of the hair spray with hair spray - choose the one that is more suitable for this case. Stacking paddles ready.

How to paint at the disco

Makeup for a disco or a nightclub - complete creative freedom. It should be bright, bold and brilliant. But at the same time, it is important not to overdo it, not to look defiant. That is why disco makeup requires a technology implementation.

Before applying make-up should be good to clean the skin. First rinse with boiling water, drain the skin and then apply moisturizer. Please wait a moment while he absorbed.

Now you can start with the make-up foundation. Apply the product preferably with a brush or a special sponge. Remember that the tone of the layer should be uniform and hide all the flaws of the skin. Then, a little powdered face - it helps you to hide the wet sheen, which inevitably occurs after active dancing.

After that, proceed to applying blush. Using a special brush, blush lines emphasize the cheekbones. Remember that it is best to choose the means of pink or peach color.

With the help of a pencil line underline some eyebrows. Choose a color that suits your appearance. For example, a perfect blonde, light-brown color, and for burning brunettes, of course, darker.

Now came the shadows. For discos can choose bright and saturated colors that will make the look more expressive. And remember that the color shades should not interfere with the color of clothing. On the upper lid, apply a light tone, but on the outer corner of eye - a darker color. Now carefully blend the shadow to disappear sharp boundaries between colors.

Move the eyes with black pencil or liner - it will give them brightness and fascination. Draw a line from the lower inner corner of eye to the outside, trying to go a little beyond the eye.

Now you're ready to spray ink. First apply one coat to the lashes means, let it dry, then apply another layer. To make the lashes do not stick together, comb them with a special brush.

If you decide to make the eyes bright, it's not worth making an extra emphasis on the lips. It is better to use a light or clear lip gloss - so they will look more natural.

If you want extra shine, you can use a variety of glitter and stars to give your outward appearance even more brilliance and originality.

How to change the facial features

To create the appearance of a certain type requires harmony of several elements: the facial features, hairstyles, makeup, clothes, figures, and even the nature of man. Some abnormal facial features are easy to correct with the help of modern cosmetics, as well as through proper selection of hairstyles.

The face of each person unique. The combination of their own individual characteristics: a broad forehead, prominent cheekbones, full lips, pointed chin, aquiline nose, "apples-cheek." There are simple rules that are intended to correct various features with the help of cosmetics to help the fair sex to approach perfection.

Areas that need to move or optical camouflage, make-up shades darker, such as creams, dark powder or blush. Areas that need to emphasize and highlight, take lighter (eg, using shimmering light powder or blush).

In order to make facial features more expressive, pull your cheeks and apply a bit of a dark powder (for a couple of shades darker than your skin tone) formed in the grooves.

If you want to make your lips look more clearly - draw a solid outline with a pencil or a thin white line above the natural lip line. Directly below it draw another line with a pencil the same color as the lipstick. After this, apply the lipstick.

Apply a small amount of the tip of the nose of dark blush and gently rub. Thus, a long nose will visually appear a little shorter.

If you have a sharp chin - in your power to make it more round. To do this, you will need to set off his dark blush.

Apply blush from the eyebrows to the hairline at an angle to make a visually narrow forehead broader.

If you have a narrow face, use a lighter powder than your skin. Apply blush to the horizontal, with a thin layer, as well as on the cheeks, blending up to his ears. Move the eye brows and horizontal lines, blending them carefully. Adjust the ends of the eyebrows, dropping them to the earlobe. Bend lip contour pencil underline.

Owners of the triangular faces to try to soften its outlines. Big, broad forehead, or you can set off the golden powder, means for tanning. You can also apply the darker blush on top of the forehead horizontal lines, soft feather in a downward direction. Do not select the lips, you can not draw attention to a sharp chin. Accentuate your eyes.

An alternative way to change the facial features is a tattoo. It can improve the shape of the eyebrows and lips, visually change eye shape. The technology is similar to applying tattoo fatten tattoos, but tattoo needle for a more subtle, but permanent ink - completely disappear in five to ten years.

A radical change in the method of facial features - a plastic surgery.

How to increase the shape of the eyes

Not all of the fair sex can boast a perfect cut Eyes: Many women are dissatisfied with their size or shape. Adjust the shape of the eyes or make them more visually with the help of make-up is not so difficult if you know some tricks.

If you want to visually enlarge the eyes horizontally, that is to lengthen them, carefully stained lashes at the outer corners of eyes, using a lengthening mascara. After it dries the lashes combed special brush at an angle toward the outer edge of the eyebrow. Will stand in good stead, and false eyelashes: they need to be glued on the upper eyelid, just at the outer corners of eyes.

To his eyes seemed larger, you must also comply with one rule: the inner part of them need to emphasize the bright tone exterior - dark. Illuminate the inner corners of the eyelids with pearly shades and underline by using external prolong the "arrows", which should not be held close to the lash line. They need to be a little rubbed, so they were not too clear. Do not completely trace the pencil eyes with clear boundaries, they will seem less. It should not be too sum eyebrows nose, it is better to emphasize them in the temples.

To make your eyes visually more vertical, that is more "open", makeup artists, on the contrary, it is advised to emphasize with the dark shadow the inner corner of eye and upper eyelid so as to obtain a kind of "triangle" with the apex directed towards the eyebrows. The boundaries should be carefully shading shade. The effect is strengthened if to make curved eyebrows, raising them at the same time as high as possible. Another way to make your eyes more - slightly darken the crease of the upper eyelid, leaving the lids themselves nenakrashennymi or set off their bright shades of powder or natural shades. This technique is not recommended for use with deep-set eyes.

Visually "open" view and applying to the region of shadows under the eyebrows natural light tones in conjunction with the lengthening, but not too "heavy" and thick mascara. It should be painted eyelashes only on the upper eyelid, and the bottom should be emphasized light, can be pearl, with a pencil. The effect will be even more pronounced if the lashes on the upper eyelid to curl with the help of tweezers.

Makeup, which aims - increasing the cut eye makeup does not recommend the use of colored ink, but only a black or dark gray. Pencil eyeliner is, or, on the contrary, it is better not take black and other colors such as navy blue, beige or brown.

How to make your skin even and smooth

Soft and silky skin is valued by women in all ages and has repeatedly been sung by poets. Unfortunately, not all the girls were fortunate to have such. But thanks to the cosmetic products you can make the skin look like silk.

One of the most common means of doing this is scrub. This cosmetic product is composed of abrasive particles. They can be made from the crushed shells of nuts or seeds, sea salt and even a small plastic balls. Their task exfoliate the top layer of skin lifeless. Due to this activation of metabolic processes, and the skin becomes more smooth and even.

Exfoliation procedure should be carried out once or twice a week. However, caution should be used to scrub for sensitive or aging skin. The tool is applied to clean, damp skin. Massage skin for 1-2 minutes, then rinse off scrub. After using it the skin is prepared for application of moisturizers and nutrients. So they bring much more benefit.

A variety of scrubs also apply to the face. But for him, the abrasive particles should be more lenient, so as not to injure the skin. And in some cases the skin may be too sensitive to scrub. In this case, use a special cleanser.

In addition to regularly use the scrub is hard sponge. In addition, it will be useful for the prevention and fight against cellulite. Particularly effective is a combination of physical effects from the anti-cellulite agents, such as gels, oils and creams.

On the body, like the face, there may be inflammation and pimples. They spoil the appearance of the skin and make it uneven. To fight them, use antibacterial gels and soaps. Well-proven products that contain sage, rosemary, tea tree and calendula.

For best results, home care should be combined with the salon. Massage with special oils can contribute to the splitting of fat. Of course, you can do it at home with the help of special devices, but the best effect is given by the hands of a professional.

A variety of wraps help to improve skin elasticity, remove toxins, stimulate metabolism and circulation. This procedure is performed after the skin has been heated. In this case, the nutrients will work best.

Regularly take care of the skin, protect it from the sun, eat properly, and your skin will thank you, becoming flat and smooth.

Text is from this webpage: How to make your skin even and smooth

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How to learn to apply makeup

Properly superimposed makeup can change facial features, adjust the shape of the nose, oval face, her eyes do more to increase the lips, etc. Therefore, use the make-up should be in accordance with all rules of make-up.

Choose high-quality cosmetics - only if your makeup will look natural, glamorous and sophisticated. The skin should be thoroughly cleaned and moisturized - because beauty is in the face for a long time, it is sometimes not possible to avoid clogging of pores, the appearance of redness and inflammation. It is therefore important to ensure that the makeup was removed completely. All brushes, sponges and brushes should be cleaned regularly or replaced, as they rapidly accumulate bacteria.

Choose the right foundation - how much will be the same shade of skin tone and the means of independent glamor makeup. Choose cream or mousse so that their color was as close to the natural color of your skin. Remember that dark colors make a person over and underline all the wrinkles, the light a bit young. Use of corrective tools (pencil and concealer) necessarily, if your skin is not perfect - they camouflage pimples, redness, dark areas.

One of the key techniques that make a natural and perfect make-up, it's feathers. All color shades should be carefully shade - from foundation to the skin, from the shadow of one color to another, from blush to tone means, etc. If you are using the tonal resources of different shades to adjust the proportions of the face, then watch for the absence of abrupt changes carefully - contrasting stripes on the face would negate all your efforts.

If you decide to use blusher, then determine for yourself the two aspects - a place of paint and color. Considered to be neutral peach-colored blush (they can be used on the skin of any color), and they must be applied at the highest point of the cheekbones (if you do not have to correct the shape of the face).

Planning a make-up, please note that on the face need to allocate one thing - either the eyes or lips. That is, if you paint the densely eyes, lips should be pale. The dark lipstick makes lips smaller and lighter volume glosses give them plump and seductive look. Carefully choose the color of eyeliner and mascara - brunettes can use dark colors (black, dark brown, dark gray), and blondes will suit a soft, natural tones. Always secure a layer of transparent powder makeup.

How to remove a perm

Many girls who have naturally smooth and straight hair is often a desire to change your hairstyle and make beautiful curls, which would have held on for a long time. This may help to perm. However, it is that curls easily get bored or something this result does not suit the girls. In this case, remove the perm hair and return the previous form will help a few simple ways.

At home, remove the perm can be thermally. It is the most safe and gentle for the hair. Take an electric pad-comb necessarily with ceramic coating, which fixes the hair straightening with heat. Separate hair into small strands, and each of them capturing the ironing, doing it from root to tip. During this procedure, try not to hold the pad in one place for long, otherwise you may damage your hair. At the end of straightening sure to secure this result with the help of special tools to fix. Unfortunately, this method is short-lived, and after each shampooing will need to repeat this procedure.

Another way to straighten hair after a perm is to use a conventional dryer. For a more effective and sustained action is recommended to use special tools for straightening. It may be smoothing creams, balms, or styling. Before you begin, put on a strand of hair on the entire length of the tool to straighten. Then select the appropriate nozzle on the dryer and start to dry a little wet hair, gently pulling on them.

If the result obtained in the home, you're not satisfied, you can seek help from professionals working in beauty salons. There, you will be asked to try to straighten hair with a chemical method. Before the procedure is applied to the hair a special way, contributes to rectification. Then, using the smoothing brush, they stretched the entire length and secured with a special gel or varnish. The procedure is done several times. This method is effective, but it has one serious drawback - it is very harmful for the hair, and if you have brittle, dull strands, it is better to abandon the procedure.

One of the safest ways to smooth the hair salons in a BIO-straightening. Smooth Straightening method was developed by leading hairdressers biotechnology. The tool does not include in its composition ammonia and thioglycolic acid, and provides long-lasting hair straightening. The only minutes of the procedure - the high cost.

How to make a beautiful nose

The weaker sex is extremely picky about their appearance - sometimes even the owner is almost ideal nozzles may complain that nature has given them. Of course, every feature is perceived solely as a bit of personality, but if you want to just correct the shape of his nose - it's easy to do! The main thing - to get acquainted with some of the tricks of makeup.

Too make a long nose shorter than the visually quite easily. To do this you need to experiment with two shades of colors - a bit lighter and, conversely, dark. Apply a light foundation to the center of the nose to the tip about and gently blend in the side wings. A little darker, apply foundation to the tip of the border and equalized with a sponge. Your nose seems much shorter! By the way, to divert attention from escaping or excessively long nose, and may be using other methods. For example, make a magnificent haircut with bangs - it will draw attention to themselves. It is also extremely important to monitor the eyebrows: Eyebrows natural width and "vrazlet" also dragged in the interlocutor's attention to himself, as well as make a more harmonious facial proportions.

If, on the contrary, the nose seems too wide to make it more elegant by using the following device ("play" with the shades in this case is accurate, but vice versa). So, take a light foundation (it is possible with light reflecting particles) and causes the entire length of the nose, a little feather in hand. A darker shade of tone inflict on the wings of the nose and carefully shaded with a sponge or brush. It is important to make even a good border. You can also use bronze powder, however, should not be a shade too dark.

If you are not pleased with the charming pug nose, you can use the following trick: dark shadows, or powder, put a small dot on the nose, then blend it carefully with a brush or a puff, and the tip of the nose, picture a bright point, the boundaries of which can also be slightly equalize.

Prominent aquiline nose is often the cause of dissatisfaction with their owners. Make the back of the nose straighter and harmonious, you can use powder or shadow a little darker than your basic tone color. Draw two parallel lines on each side, to equalize the border - and you're done!

How to draw flowers on nails

Figures on nails - a great way to diversify the usual manicure. The most popular motif for nail art - flowers. They can be simple and masterfully executed, stressed abstract and carefully written out - in any case require careful flowers manicure and a firm hand. Maybe your first experience will not be too successful, but after a few lessons should be successful.

The choice of materials for nail art depends on what and how you plan to portray. Simple stylized flowers convenient to paint nail polish, packaged in small tubes with a thin long brush. You can try, and special water-based markers. To require a complex painting acrylic paints of different shades, set of brushes and a plastic palette for mixing colors. Do not forget the background - the easiest way to cover the nail enamel suitable dense shade. Need and finish with the effect of light, as well as sequins or rhinestones for extra decoration.

Prepare the nail plate, polish it with a special stone and causing a layer of leveling the base. Pick up the background paint. The spectacular range of pastel look, or black - these colors are suitable for any pictorial experimentation. You can draw flowers, and on top of a French manicure, placing a single motif near the upper edge or in the cuticle.

To start, try to depict a stylized hibiscus. Type in the brush a little red or dark pink nail polish and put a point on the desired location - this will be the center of the flower. A fine brush, draw around the five petals in the form of irregular droplets, the narrow end facing the middle. Take a bottle of dark green paint and draw two or three leaves in a wide commas. Dry the paint. On top of the flower picture a thin white streaks or silver color. Draw a light-green streaks on leaves and yellow stamens in the flower. Hibiscus is ready.

If you choose to portray the theme on all fingers, draw it in stages. First, picture a flower on all the nails, then - the leaves, the last to draw the stamens and veining. So you do not have all the time to wash and dry brush.

Not a bad idea for beginners - the special nail polish pens. Draw them a rose - black on white or white on a black background. Cover the plate with enamel and dry it. Take a pen and put a short stroke - the future of the center of the flower. Around him in a circle draw a longer horizontal strokes - is the petals, they will need 6 or 7. Draw a stem and leaves. This rose can be decorated with sequins or rhinestones, strengthening it in the center.

Having mastered the simple techniques, continue to complex compositions. Try to portray the true colors with acrylic paints. It looks beautifully chrysanthemum, made in the style of Chinese painting. Cover nails with black polish in two layers and dry it. On the palette extrude yellow and red paint.

Take a flat brush with a beveled edge, dial it, both color and paint swirls steep, sharply lifting the brush from the nail to create the effect of swirling petals. Place one flower in the cuticle, and the other - at the very edge of the plate, on the diagonal. Chrysanthemums finished, type in the brush a little green and yellow paint and draw two leaves at the bottom of the flower, and one - near the top. Cover with the effect of composition topom ultrableska - so image will remain longer.

How to get rid of the droopy ears without surgery

Droopy ears is a fairly common defect, which affects both women and men. This feature of the innate, it appears in the fetus even during fetal development. Unfortunately, non-invasive methods of removing droopy ears are not so much.

Droopy ears is a congenital problem, and protruding ears can be seen in the first days after birth. And if you want to fix this problem, we need to start immediately after birth, as with the age of the ear cartilage grows and is not amenable to correction. So if you notice a defect in your child, try to always wear a hat elastic to it, which will push the ears to the head. Make sure that under the cap ears are not bent.

If you decide to get rid of the droopy ears later in life, then, unfortunately, the only non-invasive way - is the appropriate hairstyle. Of course, fix the problem this way is impossible, but with the help of well selected hairstyles you will be able to hide protruding ears, and also emphasize the dignity of your appearance.

The operation, which will help you get rid of the droopy ears, called otoplasty. During such an operation is carried out excision of the cartilage strips ear, resulting in the ears take the normal form. The operation performed under local or general anesthesia. Duration is approximately one hour. You do not need to fear postoperative scars. The fact that the incision is carried on the back of the ear, so that the scars will simply not be visible. After surgery, the doctor puts stitches that dissolve on their own. You will be discharged from the hospital a few hours after the procedure. This manipulation is contraindicated in children aged less than seven years.

And for those who are still afraid of surgery, and laser is also suitable method for the correction of the ear cartilage.

Since you decide on surgery, it should perform only an experienced and qualified physician. The fact that otoplasty arise from some risk. And although droopy ears does not affect the hearing, clumsily made the operation may affect this organ senses - hearing may be impaired.

How to make a square nails

The choice of nail shape depends on their length, drawing his fingers and cuticles. And, of course, the fashion. Now your nails are particularly relevant square. If you have not tried on a fashionable new product, try to do it - even more so that the nail of the "square" has many variations.

Square or rectangular nail varnishes in tune with unusual colors - black, blue, green, purple or orange. They look great metallics, sequins and all kinds of pictures. But also the classic shades, they look great. In addition, these nails can be both short and long.

Make the desired shape the nail plate can be in the cabin. Choose the one that offers it as a separate service. You can watch the work of the master, in the future, try to repeat all the steps yourself.

Examine their own hands. Typically, the fingers are asymmetric - the joints may be slightly bent, the nails - convex or flat, and the cuticle on the plates looks different. Square tip provides a straight line parallel to the base of the nail. Try to keep the average, the index and ring finger, these lines are parallel. However, it is not necessary to achieve absolute perfection - the hands are in constant motion, and mild asymmetry in ordinary life would be invisible.

Remove old nail polish, degrease the plate. Remove the cuticles, softened it with a special tool and scraped the remains of a stick from an orange tree. Try to make a square hole okolonogtevoy, carefully denoting the corners. This will make it more harmonious manicures.

Apply a protective base and dry it. Now, cover the nail plate dark varnish, departing from the sides of one millimeter and performing perfectly aligned parallel to the line - they will serve you with a guide to shape. Dry the paint.

Take a coarse nail file and treat the nail to the desired length, keeping it perpendicular to the finger. If your nails are prone to delamination, try to move the nail file in one direction. Do not tilt it, or instead of the desired square you will get the usual oval. The resulting shape with sharp corners is suitable for narrow bed of nails with a long amygdala, rectangular or oval pattern.

If your nails look like a trapezoid, the square of the classic is not for you - he will extend his fingers and visually shorten the plate. This form will not work, and owners of brittle and thin nails - corners will break off, ruining the kind of manicure. Try a soft square with the relaxed ends.

To obtain this form before you remove the core length, fine-grained nail file handle side of the nail. Keep sawing at an angle without tilting it. Finally, treat the upper part. That will have an elegant shape with chamfered corners, visually making a thin fingers, and nails - long.

How to pull the pores

Enlarged pores are not only distort the appearance of the face, but also provoke the formation of acne, as they accumulate bacteria. But with regular maintenance can fix: narrow pores and even out the skin's surface. The first results will appear in a few weeks after the start of the cosmetic procedures.

Regular cleaning - the key to success. Wash your face twice daily with tepid water with antibacterial gel for the face. To speed up the appearance of results, use a sponge or brush. After that, wipe your face with toner, preferably a cooling effect. All cosmetic products must be designed for problem skin, including creams.

Several times a week to do a mask of cosmetic clay. Buy it, you can at the pharmacy. Dissolve sachet of clay into a bowl with lukewarm water and mix until a uniform consistency. Apply on face for 20 minutes. After drying, there will be unpleasant, but it is quite natural. After the procedure, remove any excess clay and apply a light moisturizer for the face.

Fruit acids also help to reduce the pores. Add in the low-fat cream of juice from citrus fruits and grapes. Apply the mask on your face for 10 minutes, then rinse and wipe the skin with toner or lotion. It should be noted that the use of funds on the basis of alcohol is not recommended after such procedures, as they destroy the nutrients of the mask.

Once a week, make a mask of fresh cucumber. Cut it into slices and put on face for 15 minutes. If you have the desire, then grate the cucumber, pulp wrap in cheesecloth and apply "compress" in the face.

Mix one egg yolk with one teaspoon of lemon juice. The resulting mass is put on the face with a brush and leave for about 10 minutes. From the first time you will notice improvements: the skin becomes fresher, and much suzyatsya pores.

Do not forget to regularly clean the face with a scrub. Removing dead skin cells provokes her to upgrade. Peeling can use any but the best one that contains fruit acids and fine abrasive particles.

Take vitamins for healthy skin. If the pores are not shrinking, please refer to the beautician. The specialist will conduct you to the mechanical or chemical cleaning of the face, after which the skin becomes smooth and soft.

How to keep good posture

Good posture - right bail beautiful gait. In addition to the aesthetic side, plays an important role maintaining the correct posture and good health, primarily because it provides the spine is a healthy situation.

To maintain your posture, you need to constantly monitor the position of his body. So when you stand, your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles should be placed on one line. The neck should stand perfectly vertical, shoulders - are omitted, and straightened, stomach, arms freely lowered along the body.

When sitting, it is necessary that the shoulders were straightened and lowered, both feet touch the floor completely, and the angle between the hips and knees should be 90 degrees. Care should be taken to the back between the back of the chair, and there was no free space. To reduce the tension in the lumbar region - it is worth putting a soft support, for which, for example, you can use a small inflatable ball or small soft pillow.

It is impossible to keep good posture and without the implementation of daily exercise. Very useful to morning exercises, which can include simple exercises to warm up the neck muscles and limbs, and systems for training different muscle groups. Also it is necessary to perform and special exercises for posture. For example, several times a day may be at least a minute to get back to the wall or door, and standing so as to touch her neck, shoulders, buttocks and heels.

But do not forget that the posture will be correct only in the event that will be developed not only the muscles of the back, but other muscle groups. In particular, should pay attention to the abdominal muscles. Do not neglect and other forms of physical activity - be it walking, dance classes or martial arts, running and swimming.

If you want to have good posture - you should carefully when choosing shoes. Thus, it is no secret that even high-heeled ladies look very impressive, but not to harm their health, we must remember that these shoes should not be an everyday option. The best option would be comfortable shoes, which even with prolonged walking does not cause discomfort and well captures the foot.

How to apply glitter to the gel

For some women who are trying to monitor their appearance, not only in beauty salons, but at home, will be particularly relevant information on how to apply glitter gel. It's fashionable jewelry is not easy to apply. It sparkles are unevenly distributed, then collected in a lump ... How do you find the right way out of this situation, having only the right decision?

In fact, there are several ways to correct application of "brilliant" manicure. First of all, thoroughly mix a small amount of glitter gel prior to application. After processing your nails and prepare them for the creation of a manicure, get to work. Apply a small amount at first Bonder gel on all five fingers of his left hand. After this treatment, the nails have to be dull. If they shine or appear to be wet, then remove excess gel with the sponge.

We have to wait, so that the gel has completely dried up. Remove the adhesive layer is not necessary. And only then, apply a thin layer of clear gel. It should cover the entire surface of the nail bed of each finger. Try to keep the gel did not get to the skin or cuticle okolonogtevogo. This can cause premature peeling paint.

Some professionals are advised to make-up manicure with glitter and other means. First you will need to put nails in the base layer. When completely dry, apply modeling. Once the second coat is dry, mix the glitter with a transparent gel, and gently and evenly cover their nails. The surplus of the last layer can also be removed with a sponge. Just take your time. Allow nails to dry well. The final procedure will be sawing and nails causing the top layer of gloss. Now your manicure with glitter ready.

Significantly reduce the amount of glitter will help you a special brush. Not stingy and buy it. It not only prevents excessive penetration into the gel glitter, but also saves you from constant cleaning brushes after the procedure.

Sometimes, experts recommend not apply glitter to the gel, and sprinkle them on top, without mixing the two components. This is also a pretty good alternative. And he has a right to exist. Take a simple shadow applicator, a standard brush or a small plastic tube. Yes, yes ... just this, through which they drink cocktails. Now type a little glitter and just sprinkle them on top nail, which is not completely dry after applying the final layer of gel. This method allows you to perfectly control the flow of sparkles.

How to whiten the face

White-skinned beauty with a delicate blush on the cheeks have long been considered the most attractive. Many women would like to lighten the skin. This can be done not only hiding from the sun, but using different means of traditional medicine.

Today, beauticians offer a range of tools to use, in which a lot of chemicals which may bleach spots and brighten skin. Recipes of traditional medicine are time-tested, of course, they are safer for the skin. For example, applying a mask of parsley, one can not only whiten the face, but also to return the skin elasticity. Pass the parsley through the meat grinder, put the mask on your face and leave for 20 minutes.

Beautiful lightening effect has a mask, which is composed of powdered milk, lemon juice, honey and almond oil. If you grind almonds with honey, can not only lighten the skin, but give it a shine.

In the summer, when the market has a huge assortment of various fruits and berries, whiten the skin by using a small amount of strawberries, strawberry or black currant berries as these have bleaching properties. Mash berries with a fork or with a blender, put pulp on your face as a mask for 25 minutes, then wash with warm running water.

Mask of the pepper is one of the most effective tools in the fight against spots on the skin. Rub half a grated pepper and apply slurry for 30 minutes on the face. Remove the mask, wash, apply a nourishing cream.

Many products that are in the summer in your refrigerator, are suitable to lighten the skin. For example, you can use a melon rind, wiping her face. This procedure will relieve you of age spots and at the same time lighten the skin. The pulp of fresh cucumber moisturizes well and whitens the skin. It is very useful in order to lighten the skin to wipe it with a piece of raw potato or a slice of lemon. It is useful to wash milk or yogurt applied to the skin became lighter.

Blue clay in the face masks will allow your skin to remain fresh and bright.

Get the perfect mask for whitening skin can mix cottage cheese with egg yolk and five drops of hydrogen peroxide. Mix well, such a mask is applied to the face for 15 minutes. If you wish to receive more than clarifying and nourishing effect, mask, add a spoonful of honey.

How to make a young person

The aging face - the loss of skin elasticity. Adverse changes become more noticeable with age. Begin to look after themselves before they become obvious.

Especially noticeable wrinkles around the eyes first. Moisturize the skin frequently - in the morning, evening, if necessary, and during the day. Get a special cream for age, preferably with a dense, nutrient texture. Use products that contain retinoids - they promote cell renewal, make your skin soft and fresh look to the face.

If age-related changes have not yet seen, start drinking more water. It is known that with age, moisture in the cells becomes smaller, the skin fades. The liquid is needed to prevent this process. Drink mineral non-carbonated water.

Remains young and green tea. This drink is actively used in cosmetology. It is believed that the extract from green tea prevents the formation of the first wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, it is introduced into the means for a person, shower gels. In using green tea, you will help speed up metabolism to maintain youthful skin is very important.

Include in the diet of foods that contain vitamins, eat fruits - apricots, avocados, mangoes, figs, lemons, eat vegetables - artichokes, broccoli, spinach and beans.

Start using anti-aging masks, their way, can you make from these products.

Apricot juice is nutritious, tones and softens. Try to just chop the flesh apricot, put it on a napkin and put on his face. If your skin is oily - add to the mix yogurt. Repeat 2-3 times a week. Well rejuvenates the juice of figs. For the preparation of a mask to chop figs, to pass on a napkin, along with the juice and apply on face. To cleanse the skin, wipe the face peeled ripe fruit, rinse with water.

If wrinkles are deep, and cosmetics do not work, prevent adverse effects with blepharoplasty - a surgical correction of age. Return the view of the clarity and brilliance, remove the excess skin. Note that the operation will be appointed only after consultation with a specialist and a preliminary examination.

How to bring your hands in order

Hand skin most affected by external influences, as is constantly in contact with chemicals during the cleaning and washing dishes. The sun, frost and wind make your hands dry, chapped, dehydrated. Fingernails require special care.

Rough skin of the hands to soften - every day lubricate your hands greasy nourishing cream. While working around the house wearing rubber or cotton gloves, brushing his hands pre-cream, glycerin or vegetable oil. In the cold season is convenient to always have on hand cream with revitalizing plant and components - due to weather conditions and lack of vitamins your skin often cracks, dries.

Bath - a great tool to restore the skin soft, heal small cracks. Heat water and add a little salt, herbal extracts and a few drops of any essential oil - this part has a disinfectant, healing and nourishing properties. Hold your hands for at least 15 minutes, then wipe with a towel and spread a thick layer of nourishing cream.

If instead of water you have to prepare the melted paraffin, your hands will get extra nutrition and hydration. Paraffin baths are used not only to care for your hands - they strengthen nails and warm up your joints.

Hand Care includes regular manicure. If your nails are in need of treatment have become brittle, or exfoliate, then you first need to deal with them - go through the course of restoring procedures, which include strengthening masks, blurring the special nail polishes and emulsions, iodine-salt baths, etc. After you steam the nails, push cuticles, using a wooden stick or spatula. If you are used to remove the cuticle, then lubricate it with a special liquid, and then pushes - to cut the peel is not recommended, as is likely the appearance of sores and inflammation.

Choose a nail shape depending on the length and thickness of the fingers, the natural shape of your nails. If the nails are long, it will look nice pointed triangle shape. Short nails are better than sawed from the sides, giving them an oval shape.

To keep a healthy nail plate, and a manicure more stable, always apply on the basis of the nails before the color coat them with varnish. It will prevent the plate from the chemical and mechanical action, strengthen nails and align them to the surface.

How to improve your appearance

"Look your best," "look like a million bucks" - such compliments agreeable to everyone, especially women. Mankind invented millions of ways to preserve and enhance the beauty and attractiveness. An entire industry, which manufactures products designed to care for themselves. Although there are public methods and tools that enhance the appearance.

Appearance - it is not only skin care with cosmetics, medical, or decoration. Well-being, mood, state of health will certainly affect the external appeal rights. Sometimes the wrong facial features, the lack of perfect symmetry in the inner charm, sensitivity, and other positive mental qualities make the exterior of the expressive and interesting.

To become more attractive, it is necessary we add all the methods that give positivity, a sense of lightness, joy, and specific advice of modern cosmetology. Such methods can be divided into two groups: internal and external.

The internal factors that affect the female beauty can be attributed a healthy (and that is very important - continuous) sleep at least 8 hours. Regime of day in its literal meaning, that is a harmonious change of mental work, physical activity and recreation. Rest is also divided into active and passive.

A very negative impact on the appearance of stress or depression - even for a young person may appear mesh fine lines and unhealthy skin.

Physical inactivity (constant presence in the chair at the computer, lying on the sofa) pick up the beauty of a healthy toned body, and the lack of enriched oxygen in the body will give the term "chlorosis." In addition to a sedentary lifestyle, a harmful effect on the appearance of bad habits - smoking, alcohol, abuse of caffeine - is all the enemies of beauty, which can lead methodically inside the internal organs to premature aging and fading. At the same appearance - skin, bright eyes, hair - fade.

The external factors include procedures to tone the skin, keeping it young and supple. Means for hair care, nails, teeth - all components of female attractiveness. It is equally important to pay attention and care, and decor. Not just a trendy haircut, styling, coloring hair, but also healing balm, herbal decoction for rinsing hair.

Cosmetics will "sit" on perfectly fresh and pre-prepared skin, which is regularly cleaned creams, scrubs, steam baths, clay, hydrated and nourished. Occasionally it is useful to SPA-procedures and use the services of a professional beautician.

And finally, again, the inner spirit. Having done so much effort to achieve the ideal in appearance, is correct to show it. And it is: a little self-confidence, a full awareness that you are the most charming and attractive, to believe that the more beautiful you just nobody there. And others will see the fascinating beauty!

How to grow rapidly fingernails

Long manicured nails for many years, popular, and many women dream of becoming owners of a luxury manicure. But not every representative of the fairer sex is ready to decide on the building - this procedure is still quite cons. Therefore, it remains only to make every effort, as soon as possible to grow your own nails.

First of all, the nails need to be protected from exposure to household chemicals, and work at home is best done with rubber gloves. At that time, until you nail grows, it is better not to use decorative paints - they also have a negative impact on the nail platinum, despite the fact that the manufacturers claim otherwise.

Very efficient and well-established means to strengthen nails and accelerate their growth is sea salt. So do a daily bath for 10-15 minutes. In the salt you can add the essential oil of lemon - it not only strengthens, but also has bleaching properties, excellent impact on the appearance of nails.

Before going to bed can be applied to the nails iodine with a cotton swab. As a rule, per night and it is completely absorbed, and you will not confuse the yellow nails. It is also an excellent procedure that is performed on the night, is a mask of beeswax polish. For this purpose it is necessary to melt it in a water bath, allow to cool to a temperature which is comfortable for you, and moisten your fingers in it. Wait until the wax hardens the nails, and put on special gloves for these procedures.

Vegetable oils also help to accelerate the growth of the nails, making them flexible and durable. You can use sunflower, olive or almond oil, add the oil solution of vitamins A and E. Moisten a cotton ball in the mixture and wipe nails. Not washing the butter, wear gloves on his hands all night.

Today, cosmetic companies offer a lot of resources to strengthen and accelerate the growth of nails and a special compounds and protective coatings. Make it a rule to use them regularly.

In many ways, the state of the nails and their rate of growth depends on what you eat. Unfortunately, the current state of the environment does not allow to obtain all the necessary vitamins and substances of the products only. Therefore, you should pay special attention to vitamin and mineral supplements designed to improve skin, hair and nails.

How do mesotherapy

Mesotherapy - non-invasive cosmetic procedure, and rejuvenating the skin heals with a special cocktail treatment. It is introduced by injection into the middle layer of the skin - mesoderm. Hence the name of the method.

Mesotherapy is effective at correcting a variety of cosmetic changes in the skin: removes spider veins, age spots, acne, stretch marks and eliminates scars, slows down aging, withering skin, wrinkles, hair loss stops. It also is effective in the fight against cellulite.

A session of mesotherapy is as follows. Inside the skin in the problem area using a very thin and short needles are introduced low-dose medication. Gradually dissolving, drugs have a therapeutic effect. Procedure is painless, almost non-marking, its duration depends on the specific problem (from 20 minutes to one hour).

Effects of drug administration continued for five days to a week, and thereafter the next session. In order to improve the face, remove wrinkles, tighten skin, giving it elasticity, requires no more than 10 mesotherapeutic procedures. Cellulite treatment involves 5-10 sessions, and the fight against hair loss - about 15.

Mesotherapy helps not only with the problems of mature skin. It gives good results in the treatment of adolescent acne: drugs administered under the skin, quickly remove the inflammation, removing the need for antibiotics. The radical cure, and rosacea: special medication strengthens the capillary walls, improve blood circulation, thus removing from the face of the vascular net.

That the procedure can not harm the patient, prior to its execution is carried out the test for allergies, grinding away at the shoulder a little of the drug. If the skin is flushed, there was an itch - pick up another tool. Mesotherapy can be done at any age, but during pregnancy, and the critical days after the recent operational intervention is not necessary to apply it.

How to strengthen your nails in shape

Nail extensions is divided into two types: the forms and tips. Forms for the nails are also called Patterns. This Artificial devices that are placed under the edge of the masters of the nail, lengthening it.

In the natural nail with a brush spread the gel or acrylic so that the material covered not only the nail, but also came to the desired length beyond it. After hardening the nail removed from a template, and using nail files make further improvements. To make building form on the length of natural nails should be 1-2 mm, otherwise not be able to put a form. The process takes about two hours.

The most commonly they are an one-off patterns. They can be paper based on the metal foil-based polymer (plastic) and the combined options. Disposable are different forms - square, oval, universal, and are used for different types of nails. They are very easy to work, because they are quite flexible, inexpensive and do not require sterilization and disinfection.

Multiple forms of industrial production came later than the disposable ones. They can be used repeatedly. They are made from metal, plastic or Teflon. After each client they should be sterilized and disinfected.

The forms are convenient because they have a scale with numbers that correspond to the length of the nail. Thanks to the substrate material is easier to orient its quantity. In most cases, building on the forms be applicable when the hard to find under the nail tips, as well as the correction, cracking and breaking. From choosing the type of shape does not depend on the strength of artificial nails, but when using paper forms nails look beautiful, because you can customize the form for each nail. With the Teflon and metal to make it harder, because they are standard, and nails all different shapes.

Artificial nails on the forms is considered a more complex way than building up on tips. However, these nails look more natural and graceful than the version backed with an artificial plate (TIPS), covered with another layer of acrylic on top. And for your natural nails a way to build more secure.

How to remove pimple

Inflammation on face - a very common phenomenon. There are many ways to remove acne, both at home and with the help of professional procedures.

It should be noted that self-squeezing pimples leads to a complication of the problem. Since in this case, often after such a procedure on this site are formed scars.

Vacuum cleaning of the face

This procedure is carried out in a salon environment. Experienced beauticians, examining the general condition of the skin, appoint the necessary course of procedures, and concomitant treatment. The operating principle of the vacuum cleaning - cleaning of the upper layer of the skin by the suction force of special drainage pipes. Thus, opening the pores, remove pimples (acne), increase blood flow, improve blood circulation. The skin is saturated with oxygen and nutrients.

Steam sauna for the face

Hot steam is beneficial and cleansing effects on the skin. Moisture penetrates deep into the layers of the epidermis, opening pores and increasing circulation and sweating. The steam stimulates the action of the vascular system of the face, clearing of the sebaceous glands, dust and dead cells.

In addition to cleansing steam sauna effect, is moisturizing and skin rejuvenation. This is due to saturation of the deep epidermis with moisture. After this procedure you will feel a sense of cheerfulness and freshness.

When connecting to steam and herbs you can find healthy and steady tone of the skin. Medicinal plants have a unique set of chemical compounds - essential oils, minerals, enzymes, hormones, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and fats.

Remove the skin and remove the inflammation in the following herbs: nettle, linden blossom, birch bud, rose, coltsfoot, daisy, mint. You can buy these charges in the pharmacy.

Conduct a steam sauna for the face can be at home. To do this, remove the cosmetics from your skin and wash with warm water. If you have dry skin type, the procedure to apply a thin layer of moisturizing or nourishing cream. Prepare a hot infusion of herbs. For this purpose 2 tablespoons herb gathering pour 2 liters of boiling water. A person, place over the capacity of the obtained broth, wrapped a towel on top. Hold on a pair at a distance so as not to burn the skin. Treatment time 10-15 minutes. After that, wipe the face with a cotton swab dipped in any clarifying toner that contains no alcohol.

How to remove hair on upper lip

Vellus hair on the upper lip grow in all women: some are less pronounced, in others - are more noticeable. Most of the fairer sex is considered a cosmetic disadvantage of this feature and prefer to get rid of hair on her upper lip, using a variety of means.

If the hairs are sparse and grow quite rare, it makes no sense to get rid of them: much easier to lighten up. You can use ordinary hydrogen peroxide. With regular wiping her hair on her upper lip, they soon become discolored and almost unnoticeable.

In no case should not shave the hairs on his upper lip - in this case, you risk a couple of procedures to get a thick beard, which will be much more visible vellus hair.

To remove a visible and thick hair on his upper lip, many women use the appliance or simply pluck them with tweezers for eyebrows. These methods can only achieve a temporary effect: the hair will soon grow again, although with time and become more subtle. In the salons for hair removal is used to remove them warm or cold wax.

At home, women often also remove fuzz on his upper lip with a special wax strips or apply for this so-called epilation biosmoloy (shugaring) - a mixture of melted sugar and lemon juice. All these procedures are quite effective and can remove all the hair to a man: and a long and very short, for a sufficiently long period, as a result of their growth slows. But after them there is often irritation - it is quite noticeable, and get rid of him pretty hard, so for sensitive skin, these methods are not suitable. In addition, after depilation with wax or resin often appear ingrown hairs - they must be removed manually, and sometimes they can even fester.

The most effective ways to remove hair on the upper lip are the laser and epilation. They are expensive and require time-consuming, but it can get rid of all unwanted vegetation. It should be remembered that the laser is powerless against the gray or very light hair, as sighting affects melanin - the pigment that gives them color. If you do opt for one of these ways, trust only proven masters whose services have resorted to your friends - the only way you insure yourself against the effects of treatments in the form of, for example, redness or hyperpigmentation of the skin.

How to sunbathe properly

Going to a spa, many dream of not just how to relax, but also get a nice golden tan. Properly still need to be able to sunbathe, otherwise baked red skin can ruin your entire vacation.

The consequences of excessive sun exposure can be very dangerous, because sunburn and allergies can not only ruin your look and mood during the holidays, but also cause serious damage to health. So before you go to the seaside resort, you must remember some basic rules of safe tan.

Closer to fly anywhere hear the advice that a tan without the health risks can be taken only at certain times. And this is indeed the case: for a safe tanning should be in the sun before 11am and after 16. Keep in mind the fact that bask in the sun for more than two hours is harmful to the body.

In order not to get a sunburn, you need to gradually accustom the body to stay in the sun. Start with 5-7 minutes of sun a day, gradually increasing the time. If before going to the beach you just walk around for a while in an open clothes - shirts, shorts - not daring to wear a bathing suit right away, then one has to prepare your skin to receive sunbathing, tanning, and in this case will turn out nice and even.

If it is a hot exotic countries, the question of safe tan is the most important. Many believe that hiding under an umbrella, they will receive protection from the sun. However, this is not true: the sun's rays can penetrate through such a defense. Of course, they do not warm as much, and therefore creates a false sense of comfort zone. So, coming in a distant country, in the first or second day of stay did not try to sunbathe in direct sunlight and shelter from the noon sun in a hot room or hotel lobby.

And, of course, when it comes to a safe tan, be sure to use sunscreen. To choose the right tool is necessary to know a simple rule: the lighter the skin, the higher should be the level of protection. That is, people with dark skin fits a cream with sun protection 10-15, but the owners of light skin - not less than 30-40.

The cream must be applied thinly to the entire body in advance, for half an hour before sun exposure, so that he could absorb. After each swim, even waterproof sunscreen should be applied repeatedly.

Do not forget to take a shower after the beach to wash away the remnants of the cream from the sun and sea salt, and rub on the skin, any moisturizer, best special cream after sun. The composition of such tools are components that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that promote rapid recovery of the skin.

How to remove a burn on the face

Various kinds of injuries, unfortunately, not uncommon in our lives. Remove burned off the face of difficult, but still possible. Of course, a serious skin lesions should always consult a doctor. Small burns can be treated independently, using the people's councils.

Aloe Juice

Everyone knows the medicinal properties of plants. Through his active bactericidal action, it effectively eliminates inflammation, accelerating the recovery of the affected parts of the body. Thus, the aloe juice is a great healing tool. It is recommended to apply 2-3 times a day, imposing on the desired area of ​​the face with a cotton pad (swab). Within a week you will experience a visible improvement. Swelling of the burn instantly subsides, the skin will gain a healthy appearance.

Vitamin E

It is this component contains a natural antioxidant, which will accelerate the healing of burns. Vitamin E is well absorbed by the skin with essential oil of rose petals. Combine these ingredients in equal proportions and lightly rub the affected area 2-3 times a day. To carry out this procedure is necessary only after cooling the burn.


This tool helps to regenerate tissue, disinfect the wound and quickly relieves pain. Mix 1 teaspoon of propolis with 3 tablespoons of warm water. Moisten a cotton swab (CD) in this solution and apply for 10-15 minutes on the site burned face.

Healing Mask from Honey

With a stronger person will burn through a special mask of honey. To prepare it you need 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil (olive or sunflower). These components must be thoroughly mixed until a uniform consistency. The funds apply to the massage area burned face for 15-20 minutes. After that, remove the remnants of the mask with cool water. This procedure is recommended to repeat 3-4 times a day. Within a week you burn will subside, leaving no trace.

How to get rid of scars on his face

Typically, after an incorrect treatment of various inflammations of the face (acne, pimples, etc.) on the skin are traces in the form of scars. Get rid of them, though not easy, but possible. This will help you as a professional procedure and tested people's recipes.


This procedure is done in beauty salons, after the condition of your skin examined by a specialist. It was he who appoints the necessary course and concomitant medication. Dermabrasion is a mechanical grinding of the upper skin tissues using special devices and drugs. Usually this is done using a nylon brush or metal. The principle effect of this procedure lies in the activation process of skin regeneration by clearing old and damaged cells. In addition, smooth fine lines, aligned with the tone of the face, the skin becomes more supple and tender, filled the lack of collagen fibers. Thus, to get rid of scars on the skin can be a few procedures.

Traditional recipes

An excellent remedy for the scars on the skin is a cosmetic Badyaga. You can buy it at a pharmacy in the form of powder, cream or ointment. For the preparation of a mask based on the badyagoy you will need 1 tablespoon of the tool, 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide solution. These components must be mixed thoroughly until the consistency of gruel. The tool is applied to the affected area with mild face massage. After 7-10 minutes the remains are removed by means of a cotton swab (ROM), soaked in warm water. The procedure is recommended to carry out 1-2 times a week until complete healing of the scar. It is worth noting that after the application badyagoy on the skin for some time may be a slight redness. That is why such a mask is best applied on the weekend.

It is equally effective to get rid of the scar on his face with a mask can be based on the wax. To prepare it you need to wax (1 tbsp) vegetable oil (1 teaspoon), water (1 teaspoon). These components must be mixed and a little heat to simmer. Once the wax is completely dissolved, the mixture should be slightly cool. Warm mask is applied directly to the scar for 15-20 minutes. After that, the remains of tools can be easily removed from the skin. The procedure is recommended 2-3 times per week.

How to change facial expressions

The expression of our face speaks volumes. Only once looking at the facial expressions, we can say about the mood of a man about his experiences. But is it always so? There is a category of people whose facial expression is always sad, but the internal state of their souls, it does not fit.

The expression of our face we absolutely is subject. And do not disclaim responsibility for the fact that it sees around is not what it actually is. Not only the internal state affect the expression on his face, but facial expressions can alter your mood and an inside look at the world around us. For example, if you want inner peace, it is enough to make your face neutral expression. And if you want to feast on the soul, then smile and think about what you think about the people around them. Many psychologists advise their patients who are prone to suicide, just relax the muscles of the face when they fall into a rage or anger. This exercise provides an opportunity to regain control of their emotions, and hence the action.

For the most efficient management of their facial expressions, you must carefully examine his face. And each part separately. You clearly need to know what's going on with your eyebrows, lips, forehead in one time or another, with varying emotions. Once you learn to take care of yourself, you need to start changing the reaction of each part of your face to the incoming information from outside. Carefully monitor the movement of your face and try to prevent something that will reflect your negative state. For example, it is important to wean yourself wrinkle forehead or frown. Such things just give your mood and make the interlocutor draw their own conclusions about you, even if it is not true.

To the right facial expressions are natural to you and not look like affectation and put on masks and train as much as possible before a mirror. Say aloud the emotional coloring of various phrases and watch the changes with your body language. If it does not match what you say and how to, start to work just on that emotion.

Healing properties of tangerine oil

Since ancient times in many recipes of folk healers mentioned mandarin peel. Currently, cold pressing and steam distillation can be obtained from the fruit peel tangerine oil, which has such curative action on the human body as an antiseptic, analgesic, sedative, tonic.

Oil can be used in outdoor and indoor use. Since this type of oil is characterized by a very mild effect, it is suitable for children and pregnant women. The only contraindication is an idiosyncrasy of citrus fruits in general, or tangerines in particular.

For internal use of tangerine oil is added to the herbal tea (3 drops per cup of tea). The resulting extract has a stimulating effect on the gall bladder, liver, stomach and intestines, improving metabolism, cleansing the body of toxins, reducing swelling, increasing the overall resistance. In addition, it is very effective for removing nausea, constipation. Tea with mandarin oil, regulates heartbeat, reduces blood pressure and improves sleep. Such useful features as the present removal of irritability, increased mood are indispensable in the fight against the blues and depression.

For external use is a mixture of tangerine and vegetable oils (7 drops of tangerine and a teaspoon of vegetable). Very popular is the recipe for women during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks skin.

For the de-excitation, including small children, you can do foot massage, rubbing them with a mixture of oil (a tablespoon of almond oil with five drops of tangerine).

Recommended when bathing babies to splash into the water about 3 drops of oil of tangerine that will help your child relax and sleep better.

Tangerine oil is widely used in cosmetology. In the case of sensitive skin experts recommend adding a few drops of cream (4-5) of this oil, which will help improve the skin, its smoothing of wrinkles and rejuvenation.

Oral care helps such property tangerine oil as a treatment of inflammation and bleeding gums. For applications of the need to prepare a blend of rose hips oil (a teaspoon) and tangerine oil (5 drops).

Essential oil of Mandarin is often used in aromatherapy in the treatment of neuroses, fatigue and insomnia, to recuperate from an illness.

How to distinguish the real from the fake cosmetics

The quality of makeup depends not only on your makeup - Counterfeit drugs can cause allergies, the emergence of strong irritation and inflammation. The market of cosmetic products are so diverse that the ability to distinguish the fake from the original useful for every woman.

If you want to buy something from a caring and decorative cosmetics, do so only in specialty stores and boutiques - to acquire the habit of mascara or lipstick on the stalls or kiosks can cost you health. When purchasing goods from the seller's doubtful you can always request certificates of quality and compliance. Clearance of goods in the shops even require compliance with certain regulations - all tubes, boxes and bottles should be placed in groups, brands, or other purposes. If the goods are dumped in a heap and all means are mixed, it is best to refrain from buying - solid distributors manufacturers do not allow themselves to such an arbitrary window dressing. In larger stores, you can always see the special booths with product samples. Here you can appreciate the color, texture tools, experiment with makeup, etc. The presence of firm evidence stands close cooperation with the official distributor of cosmetics.

Pay attention to the price - quality cosmetics from reputable manufacturer will cost you dearly. Buy discount cosmetics you during the sales or buying it from an online store.

Carefully inspect the packaging - a good makeup is always packed in paper box, sometimes covered with plastic wrap. The text on the box should be carefully stamped, no grammatical errors should not be. Self-made products can be identified by the appearance of the box - if the letters are blurry, the title changed, one or more letters, no information about the manufacturer and expiration date, then such makeup is better not to buy.

Try to remember barcodes major cosmetics producer countries - Germany, France, Israel, etc. Be sure to check for the code at the bottom of the tube party. If these numbers are printed on a printer, the products are fake.

If possible, the smell cosmetics - high-quality tools have a certain smell or brand does not smell at all. Check the texture of the drug - powder or blush, for example, should go smoothly, with no lumps.

How to make a smooth face

At that women often pay attention to when looking in the mirror? Of course, in the face. Everyone wants to have a smooth and silky skin. However, this is not so easy to achieve: the facial skin is more than other parts of the body is affected by wind, rain and cold.

Facial skin needs constant attention and care. Preferably a daily massage to pamper its contrast. To do this, moisten a cloth with hot water and a cold. By applying these napkins alternately, you will achieve tremendous effect - the skin will look supple and toned.

But, of course, better results you can achieve if you train the muscles of the face. They help the skin retain elasticity longer. One of the exercises is called "pump." You need a deep inhale through the nose, with as much as possible strain your nostrils, breathe out completely by pushing air through the mouth.

Another effective exercise for the muscles of the face - "Diver". Inhale as much air, tighten all the muscles of the face and puffed out his cheeks. In this exercise, the blood rushing to his face. The air is let out through the mouth jerks.

If you exercise, "the rolling of thin air", dial the air and roll it inside his mouth like a ball. These and many other systems will save you the elasticity of facial muscles.

However, the exercises - this is only half the battle. For beauty and smoothness of your skin needs nourishment. It can provide with various cosmetic products. It is better if they are based are natural ingredients. Mask with grape juice is good for the skin. The procedure of your choice, but preferably at least 15 minutes. Then the person should rinse with warm water and dry with a soft towel. After that, apply a nourishing cream is recommended.

Acne and pimples are also often violate smoothness of the skin. Against this problem will help wipe the decoction of oak bark. Experts recommend to carry out this procedure on a regular basis 2 times a week.

List all the masks for smoothness and elasticity of the skin is not possible. When choosing a mask, consider, first of all, especially your skin.