Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to care for a tattoo

Proper care of a tattoo promotes rapid healing of the skin and helps keep the picture in its original form. After a tattoo on you lies the most important function - securing the result. The correctness of care depends on how well your decorating will look into the future.

Bandage, which applies after the completion of a master, can not be removed about 4-12 hours, depending on the complexity and nature of the drawing. The first few days the skin around the tattoo to be red, sometimes it can be allocated ichor.

Remove the bandage after a specified time master. Clean hands, wash your skin with the drug "Miramistin" or warm water and soap. Dry the picture, not wiping, and a little promakivaya his towel. The fresh tattoo in any case do not apply the alcohol solution, as they may disrupt the recovery process of the skin. Apply a thin layer of ointment, which you advised the master (usually a "d-Panthenol," or "Bepaten"). Try to avoid getting dirt in the wound.

During the healing process in any case not flay The resulting plenochkoy the skin and do not scrub the tattoo. Before the healing can not take a sun bath. Avoid saunas and swimming pool. Remember that image quickly fades from direct sunlight. If you sunbathe with your new tattoo, you will notice that it immediately fade in a few colors.

Wear loose clothing, the opportunity to not wear articles of silk and synthetics. So you can avoid allergies and irritations. Do not expose yourself in heavy physical loads and do not go to sports training for 3 days, try not to drink alcohol.

The first few days, place the tattoo will look swollen, but the redness will subside gradually. Within 10 days after the application of tattoos you will once again be able to start enjoying all the scrubs, creams and peelings.

Repeated visits to the tattoo artist can do is about a week. If after a few years you will lose one's attraction selected picture, then you can correct it at any time. Just go to the master, who over the old tattoo will be able to chop a new, more colorful and the actual image.

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