Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to change the complexion

The girls sometimes want to change in their appearance, there is a desire to change the style and appear before others in a new light. It is not necessary to change radically, often enough to change in yourself that is always on the mind, such a person. You can make it white, like Marilyn Monroe or somewhat dark little like Jennifer Lopez.

If you wipe your face daily with a cotton swab dipped in a strong tea, then your skin will become progressively easier golden hue. If you want, on the contrary, whitened face, then this is good for cucumber juice. Take cucumber and grate it on the very fine grater. After that, mix the resulting mush with any skin nourishing cream, and you have a great whitening mask. Also, you can mix cucumber juice with vodka in the proportion of one to one. Let the mixture infuse for 24 hours, and you will be whitening lotion.

If you do not trust people's methods, or want to get more serious and lasting effect, start to visit a solarium. This will be the most effective method for darker skin. Also, almost every salon service is a whitening face. The procedure takes place in two stages: grinding (removal of the upper cornified layer) and the application of depigmenting funds. To save a little face snow-white during the summer to use cosmetics with a high degree of protection from ultraviolet light and wear hats to keep the face in shadow.

You can use ready-made cosmetics, namely, masks, creams and scrubs that are designed specifically for bleaching. However, before buying this makeup of the read. One of the components may be hydroquinone, arbutin, zinc, hydrogen peroxide, licorice extract, or aloezin.

Make your face as a swarthy help avtobronzanty containing special agent DHA. Before using any cosmetic product, make sure that you do not have an allergy to all its member, the components. Also, buy cosmetics and creams only proven shops.

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