Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to get rid of hanging belly

Saggy stomach - not only an aesthetic problem, but also moral. Because of her women indulge in a campaign, such as swimming pool, changing clothes on a freer, etc. However, from this skin-fat folds, you can quickly get rid of, it suffices to know the cause of and some effort.

Stomach can otvisnut because a sedentary lifestyle. And fat women accumulate it around your waist and hips, so decreed by nature. The abdomen may appear with incorrect posture, both women and men. Also, saggy stomach may occur after birth. In pregnancy, the skin is stretched several times, giving a place to grow a baby. And the last reason may be the disease of the gastrointestinal tract or the endocrine changes in the body.

To get rid of hanging belly, you should use a comprehensive approach.

Give in order the food. Eat more fruits and vegetables, fish, bread krupnozernovogo. Reduce consumption of sweets, eat cakes instead of figs, sweet fruit, drink freshly squeezed juices. This will not only reduce weight but also regulate the metabolism, will bring toxins, improve health and appearance.

Start your physical activity. If you do not like active sports, just more than you walk. To give body and tone the muscles enough to walk an hour a day, a quick step. You will throw off the weight, strengthen your abdominal muscles, hips and calves. Also good jumping on a trampoline that can be installed even in the apartment. Jumps involve all the muscles of the body, and 5 minutes of jumping replaces 20 minutes running.

To restore the waist and abdomen using the disappearance of special exercises. This may be the case rises or legs from a prone position, bending or torsion ordinary hoop. Above all, do them regularly. Your body starts to produce hormones of joy, which will help the disappearance of fat, smart shape, improve mood and overall tone.

For women who have appeared postnatal stomachs, there are special bandages that allow you to cut the skin faster. Massages are also needed with the use of cosmetic creams and ointments. Help and collagen creams that improve skin elasticity.

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