Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to get rid of split ends of hair

Frequent staining, low-quality shampoo, no hat in the winter, use a hair dryer and ironing, perming - all this could be the reason that the hair begins to weaken and split. Something must be done. You can ask for help to the hairdresser and make the lamination. This will help get rid of the problem, but I still need to treat your hair.

Choose the right shampoo. This can be a means to brittle and split ends, damaged and stained, thin and weak. Remember that is not always indicated on the packing correspond to reality, so for the treatment and strengthen the hair is better to buy in the drugstore.

Change the brush. Teeth in it should be soft and flexible. The greater the distance between the teeth, the less likely that you will damage your hair. Do not brush wet hair - so they are injured and become brittle.

Wash your head no more than twice a week. No matter how good was your shampoo, washing - is an injury to the hair. If you've washed your head every day, you should not just break the routine - do it gradually, increasing spaces, first time in two days, and then - once in three days. After washing, make sure to mask or use a hair balms, conditioners and lotions. The pharmacy you can buy special equipment to protect the hair, which will help get rid of split ends. Do not go outside with wet head. Hair should be dry at room temperature.

Split ends of hair must sostrigite. Only after this procedure, the hair will start progressively healthier. If they begin to split again, be sure to analyze what could be the cause. Haircut "hot scissors" - not a panacea, but merely a method to temporarily get rid of the problem.

Take the mask from the heated oil. Suitable for hair coconut, almond, olive or quality burdock. The latter is sold only in pharmacies and is excellent for healing the hair.

Cope with the split ends and helps honey-egg mask (Mix egg yolk with a teaspoon of honey, add a tablespoon of warm boiled water, mix thoroughly and apply on hair for 10-15 minutes).

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