Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to learn to please men

Like men - a kind of science. All women are by nature different, and each has its own personality. For any man needs an individual approach, but there are general principles of how to be attractive to the stronger sex.

To learn how to please men, need to work on them in four areas: appearance, psycho communication, common development and demeanor.

On the external data easier. If you are interested in men older than 23 years, not necessarily trying to compete with the patients in the harmony department, which is being treated for anorexia. From the perspective of men over this age, the best weight is the growth of minus one hundred or one hundred and five. Even without such extreme loops on diets and healthy lifestyles, too. It just scares off many of the stronger sex. Although if you have problems with weight, that is, it is more the norm for ten percent or more - you need to solve this problem and forget about it. The figure for many suitors important person, so do not worry about it less. Good food is not worth it to deprive yourself of male attention.

Psycho communication is necessary to develop a course where you will work with the group. Then you will notice and point of weakness - and this is a large and substantial practice. Individual work with a psychologist this effect will not, so look for a decent group sessions. Best of all courses, which declared education to self-confidence. A good psychologist and a leading group always pay attention on what is a problem in your case. Do not be afraid to attract attention and ask questions.

The general development related to a greater extent with the intellectual sphere. Each day, learn something new, not to stop development. Be prepared to support virtually any topic, there are special books for women about men's hobbies, such as football, hunting and chess. Read on and shakes his mustache, is useful.

The sexy style of communication - a relaxed, but with a sense of its latent power. This is plastic, and the ability to present yourself nicely. Plasticity develops in teaching dance classes and even on normal aerobics. You also need to learn to feel comfortable in any environment, creating a pleasant atmosphere around the man. This notice - and you'll get more attention.


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