Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to preserve the beauty of the skin around the eyes

Condition of the skin around the eyes can indicate the age, habits, lifestyle and human disease. Therefore, care of this area should begin as early as possible, be thorough and regular.

The skin around the eyes is very thin, there is practically no fat, in addition, it is constantly exposed to additional stress in the form of facial movements. From the start the first 20-25 years of visible skin changes, it becomes dry, and the first wrinkles appear to 35-40 years have noticeable wrinkles as collagen breaks down, there is pigmentation, the age of 50 are formed deep wrinkles, restore skin becomes more difficult.

Therefore, even with 20 years should pay particular attention to the care of this area. But it is not necessary at this age to grasp at a strong anti-wrinkle creams, at this age simply moistening. Commonly used light gels that help to cope with the negative impact of the environment, stress, poor lifestyle choices. After 30 years of anti-aging creams should be used, and smoothing facial wrinkles, moisturizing and nourishing the skin around the eyes. Funds with a high content of vitamin C will help to strengthen blood vessels. Cosmetics should be at this age contain components that activate collagen and normalize the content of glycans. By the age of 50 need to go to makeup for mature skin. This is a potent means to help reduce puffiness under the eyes, dark circles and nourish, restore and tighten the skin.

In addition to special cosmetics, be sure to properly care for the skin around the eyes. These procedures include cleansing, toning, nutrition and hydration. The first stage - Makeup removal: is it better not to use soap, and a special lotion or milk. Skin should be handled carefully, do not stretch, do not rub, to remove make-up lightly. For toning use a light gel or toner, you can use tea bags. To keep the skin around the eyes, it is necessary to nourish and moisturize. To do this, use special creams or gels for the eyelids, which are applied with your fingertips and are driven into the skin Tapping movements. But do not apply too thick a layer of cream - it can cause swelling of the skin.

Of course, creams and other cosmetics will not help to completely avoid the appearance of wrinkles, but they will help keep the youth, especially if you do not forget about regular maintenance.


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