Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to straighten short hair

The texture, thickness and color of hair, as a rule, laid down another level of genetics. And if you have curly hair at birth, then later they are very difficult to straighten. And with a short length of hair to do it even more difficult. Often the owner's dream curls make your hair straight. And fortunately, there are ways.

In order to translate your dreams into reality, you will need a round brush, hair dryer, the composition of the chemical oxidant, tongs, hair straighteners, hair conditioner and neutralizer.

It should be noted that this method termovypryamleniya make your hair straight for a short time. Use a hair dryer or tongs-rectifiers.

If your hair has a soft texture and big hair, take a large round brush and a hot dryer. Wet hair, and then divide them into strands. With the brush carefully comb them with a jet of hot air drag the strands in the direction from roots to ends.

If curls are small, and the hair tight, then in that case take the tongs, straighteners. The hair, apply a special tool for straightening and leave them to dry completely. Then fasten the hair at the nape. Out with forceps, and then a single strand from the roots straighten it, sliding down towards the ends. Do the same with the remaining hair.

This was the method termovypryamleniya. If we talk about the procedure with the use of chemicals, in this case, short hair for a long time remain straight, curl will not be long until they grow back to its full length.

The most common three chemical hair straightener, namely sodium hydroxide, which has a fairly aggressive alkaline hydroxide, guanidine with a less aggressive nature, and ammonium thioglycolate - the most expensive and at the same time, the softest rectifier.

Sodium hydroxide is perfect for coarse hair, which as a result of its use will be made straight, and lush. For normal hair texture is best to use guanidine hydroxide. But it has one drawback - despite the fact that the rectifier is not alkaline, it is quite dry hair. Finally, ammonium thioglycolate, which is the best tool for weak hair.

Rectification procedure itself should take place in three stages. In the first phase treat your hair with a composition of selected chemical oxidant. The second stage - sustain the effect of catalyst. And the third - direct air conditioning.

Remember that short hair straightening after the procedure may be subject to breakage. In this regard, entertain them with oils and masks.

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